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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Rocket Sky!’

September 25, 2019
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In the mid-20th century, mankind set a course to venture out into space. With the U.S. and the Soviet Union operating to become the first into space, technology advanced rapidly; we have seen those efforts end up influencing the tech we have today. Loving space like I do, it’s only fitting I found a simple little game that lets you have your own little space race in the palm of your hand.

In “Rocket Sky!” you are tasked with the objective of flying a rocket as far off the planet as you can, reaching out farther into space with each launch. Starting with a moderate amount of cash, you are tasked to build a rocket, choosing which aspects of your rocket to spend the most on and which to go cheap with. You then tap and hold your screen and launch your rocket. Based on how you built your rocket, you will rip apart, overheat or run out of fuel. Once that happens, it’s game over and you need to rebuild your rocket again. As you play and earn more cash, you can upgrade your rocket, reach greater heights and even discover new planets out in the unknown. As you reach certain heights or milestones, you also unlock new rocket bodies to build!

This game reminds me most of science class in middle school, where we were tasked at seeing who could build a rocket that could go the highest. It wasn’t just fun, but you challenged yourself to keep building a better rocket with each success or failure.

If you are into space, this game is for you. If you aren’t into space, it’s still a great time waster! “Rocket Sky!” is available to download for free on the Android and IOS stores.

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