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Weekly Time Waster – ‘LEGO Tower’

July 9, 2019
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I love tower building games, and I haven’t hidden that love – you’ve seen a few in this space before. I also love LEGO, as in my childhood they were one of my favorite things to play with, and you can’t argue the plethora of LEGO movies of late have been fantastic. And now my own child gets to enjoy them, as I step on them and writhe in pain in the middle of the night on my way to the bathroom.

Guess what? “LEGO Tower” is apparently a thing now!

“LEGO Tower” is similar to other tower building games, just with a LEGO theme. NimbleBit, the creator of the game “Tiny Tower,” has taken their formula of tower building games and thrust it into the LEGO universe.

In “LEGO Tower”, you are tasked to construct the largest tower in LEGO City, and manage it. You are to build apartments and businesses in which your Minifig residents will live, work and play. Beginning with a one-story tower, you must plan carefully how many apartments and businesses you build, as you need people from your apartments to work in the businesses.

Currency is tight in the beginning, so waiting for your tower to earn money can be a drag if you build it poorly. The businesses you can build are food, recreation, service, retail and creative workplaces. Each of these businesses is themed. Same with the apartments. All of it taking into consideration of what one’s imagination can build with LEGO. Your renters also are unique, as this game takes place in the LEGO world; the body pieces and faces are uniquely randomized, and you get some very interesting characters looking to live in your tower. Pink Space Cowboy Minifigure working in a Yoga Studio? Sure, why not.

“LEGO Tower” will transcend your imagination to new heights, and waste plenty of your time as you get to know your Minifigure residents and employees! “LEGO Tower” is free to download on the Android and IOS Stores.

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