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Celebrity Slam - Blac Chyna's all business

May 1, 2019
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We here at Celebrity Slam are great admirers of those who attempt to better themselves. It’s noble to want to improve oneself and we would never denigrate anyone for making every effort to do so.

And if that’s all it is, well – you won’t be hearing from us.

However, our stories come from the celebrity realm. And the truth is that celebrities aren’t always possessed of the traits that lend themselves to simple self-improvement. There are always going to be those famous folks who wind up making a mess even when their initial intentions are good ones.

This brings us to the saga of Blac Chyna and Harvard Business School.

Last week, Blac Chyna posted an acceptance letter from Harvard; she was admitted to take a course titled Business Analytics through the school’s online portal. This led to additional reflection of the sort that only famous people tend to muster up and so on and so forth.

Nice, right? Unexpected and impressive, for sure. Alas, there’s more to the story.

It turns out that the whole thing was part of a PR scheme hatched by a self-described “Social Media Renaissance Man” named Christian Emiliano. For $3,250, Emiliano promised that his group would essentially take the class for her; she would be responsible for just a single test, while all other work would be completed by Emiliano’s team. And the cost of the class was $2,250, so the price for the scam itself was a mere grand. According to reports, Blac Chyna did not ultimately hire Emiliano and decided to take the course herself.

For their part, Harvard is not having any of this, vehemently denying that any such person had been admitted our provided with an acceptance letter (though neither Chyna nor Emiliano have fessed up as to who created the fake).

Of course, it all might have slid under the radar had the school’s alumni not gotten up in arms about the whole thing. Turns out Harvard grads already don’t love the online school; they think something like this further tarnishes the brand because of course they think that.

Look, if you’d told us that we’d be writing about ANOTHER celebrity scandal involving college admissions – one that had nothing to do with Aunt Becky almost certainly going to jail – we’d have called you crazy. What are the odds of us getting another, completely separate story? And yet here we are, writing a story about how Blac Chyna was potentially going to scam her way through a class at Harvard.

(We’re like 85% sure that was the basic plot of a movie from the mid-1990s.)

Again, we’re not faulting Blac Chyna for wanting to improve herself. Taking classes and continuing to learn is a big deal and something for which she should be applauded. However, posting an “acceptance” letter and all that nonsense is probably a bridge too far. She had to have known it was fake – if she hadn’t, she would have immediately rolled on whoever it was.

There’s no denying the cachet that comes with attending Harvard. That’s a big part of why the alumni are so dedicated to defending its reputation (though we’ve got some questions regarding other potential motivations).

Really, it’s the now-ongoing realization that there are SO MANY of these grifters and shysters out there, building a business model around helping people gain the higher education system, that’s the most off-putting part. It was bad enough to see people paying to get their kids into school; now, there are people out there who will not only get you in, but take the classes for you? It’s a testament to the ego-driven idiocy that drives a surprising number of people these days.

It’s remarkable the lengths that people will go to in order to polish their reputations and expand their brands. It seems like Blac Chyna sort of made the right choice eventually, but it still became far more about the appearance of growth rather than actual growth. That might not seem like that much of a difference, but really, it’s night and day.

Bettering yourself is never a bad thing. Paying someone else to make it look like you’re bettering yourself almost always is. Words to live by. Veritas.

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