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Weird National Briefs (06/13/2018)

June 12, 2018
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Too real

NEPTUNE TOWNSHIP, N.J. - Police in New Jersey say they found a lost pet pig wandering near a local Dunkin’ Donuts and nicknamed it “Pork Roll.”

Neptune Township police said Wednesday they got a call over the recent holiday weekend concerning a pig wandering around the doughnuts and coffee chain store.

The department jokes an officer was able to “catch the well-fed hog and take him into custody for questioning and to provide him with a job application as our new mascot” before transferring him to the Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Officials say Pork Roll’s owner picked him up from the agency.

TME – Cops finding a pig at a Dunkin’ Donuts seems a little on the nose.

Delivery driver

KINGWOOD TOWNSHIP, N.J. - A routine traffic stop reunited a New Jersey state trooper with the now-retired police officer who helped his mother deliver him as an infant.

Trooper Michael Patterson was on patrol Friday when he pulled over Matthew Bailly for a tinted window violation in Kingwood Township. The two men talked and Bailly mentioned he used to be a police officer in Piscataway where Patterson grew up.

Bailly was on-duty in Piscataway 27 years ago when he was called to the home of Karen Patterson, who had gone into labor. He helped her deliver Michael Patterson.

The trooper said, “My name is Michael Patterson sir. Thank you for delivering me.”

The New Jersey State Police said Wednesday that Bailly wasn’t ticketed. The trooper and his mom later met Bailly and his wife.

TME – The old “get out of a ticket by delivering the officer as a baby 27 years ago” move.

Misbegotten marks

PHILADELPHIA - A Philadelphia teacher has been fired for allegedly taking bribes from students in exchange for good grades.

WCAU-TV reported Tuesday the teacher worked at the Learning in New Contexts High School in the northern part of the city.

A spokesperson for Philadelphia Schools says the teacher was promptly removed from the school and both the Inspector General and Philadelphia Police have been notified.

The school district did not elaborate on what the bribes were.

An investigation is ongoing.

TME – When an apple just isn’t enough.

DUI deception

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. - Police say a Pennsylvania woman staged her son’s DUI.

WNEP-TV reported Saturday the 38-year-old West Milton woman has told investigators she put her 20-year-old son behind the wheel in February, then called police and said he was high on synthetic marijuana and passed out in the car.

Her son was charged with driving under the influence, but he later said at his preliminary hearing that it was his mother who put him in the vehicle and started the engine.

The woman has been charged with reckless endangerment and making false reports.

TME – Talk about tough love.

Head’s up!

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - A South Texas man almost died after he was bitten by the head of a rattlesnake he’d just decapitated.

The incident happened May 27 as Milo and Jennifer Sutcliffe were doing yard work at their home near Lake Corpus Christi. Jennifer Sutcliffe said her husband found a 4-foot rattlesnake and hacked off its head with a shovel. As he bent down to pick up the remains, he bitten by the severed head.

Sutcliffe said she called 911 and began driving her husband the 45 miles to a Corpus Christi hospital. He began having seizures, losing his vision and bleeding internally and was airlifted the rest of the way.

Sutcliffe said her husband needed 26 doses of antivenom, where a normal patient gets two to four. He’s in stable condition.

TME – That really bites.

Law and disorder: SUV

CANAL WINCHESTER, Ohio - Officials are speculating a motorist who navigated a highway while driving in reverse during morning rush hour may have had transmission problems.

The Ohio Transportation Department on Tuesday released a video showing an SUV going through traffic for little more than a mile backward up a ramp to U.S. 33 in Canal Winchester. The vehicle turned onto another road, crossed an overpass, went through a traffic light and turned into a parking lot.

The SUV did not hit any vehicles.

The town is about 15 miles (24 kilometers) southeast of Columbus.

TME – We assume she put the thing down and flipped it first.

Sore loser

TYNDALL, S.D. - A South Dakota sheriff waited a whole minute after polls closed to fire a deputy who undid his re-election bid this week.

Bon Homme County Sheriff Lenny Gramkow fired deputy sheriff Mark Maggs after Maggs defeated him by a vote of 878-331 in Tuesday's Republican primary election. Maggs posted his time-stamped termination notice signed by Gramkow on Facebook after polls closed.

“As of this moment you are no longer an employee of Bon Homme County,” Gramkow wrote. He didn’t give a reason for the firing. South Dakota is an employment-at-will state where employees can be fired without cause, with exceptions. The state’s sheriffs also have the authority to hire and fire personnel.

Gramkow declined to comment about the firing.

No other candidates filed for the race, meaning that Maggs will assume office in January. But for now, the father of four is out of work. He planned to meet with the county commission on Thursday.

TME – He fought the law and the law won.

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