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Youngest player on 'Survivor' season 27 sent home

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Survivor sent home Survivor sent home

Marissa Peterson loses redemption island duel

In fourth grade, Marissa Peterson got the opportunity to watch her uncle Gervase compete on the CBS hit reality show 'Survivor.' This year, the 21-year-old North Carolina native had the chance to play alongside him when 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' invited past players to return to the game, this time with a loved one. However, moments after arriving, the contestants were separated. The loved ones were placed together on the Tadhana tribe, while the former 'Survivor' players formed the Galang tribe. With experience on their side, the Galang members have dominated the game so far, winning the first three immunity challenges against their loved ones. Peterson exited the game last week after her puzzle-making skills were put to the test on Redemption Island against married doctors John and Candice. I recently spoke with Peterson, who hopes anyone but her former tribe mates win the $1 million prize. 

The Maine Edge: Do you think you had a chance to really play 'Survivor' the way you had hoped, being voted onto Redemption Island so soon after arriving there?

Peterson: Definitely not. Of course I was playing to win the overall game or at least make it to the merge. I wish I could've lasted longer so I could have participated in more challenges and won some immunities and actually played a social game.

TME: Do you think your uncle's gloating [after the first challenge] is really what put a target on your back and ultimately sent you to Redemption Island?

Peterson: I don't think so. Honestly, if Gervase hadn't been celebrating like that then my tribe would've blamed it on his swimming. Gervase's gloating was a good scapegoat to use. So what? He gloated. He wasn't on our team. 

TME: You did manage to win twice on Redemption Island, once against a really good player - Rupert. How did that feel?

Peterson: That felt awesome because everybody knows Rupert, everybody's watched Rupert and knows what a great competitor he is. So that put some pep in my step after I won that duel.

TME: How awkward was it being on Redemption Island with a married couple?

Peterson: People don't realize I wasn't the third wheel, John was. Me and Candice had our own little marriage going on. I would bring home the bacon at night and show her the fish I caught and she'd boil water for the rice. So we had a good system going on.

TME: Who do you think on Tadhana is the most deserving to win?

Peterson: That's hard. The only real impressions I had from people [on that tribe] was all lies, so I'd say nobody. 

'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.


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