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Young Bangor author completes trilogy

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Young Bangor author completes trilogy courtesy

BANGOR - Jessie Mae Hodsdon of Bangor has done something most 19-year-olds haven't dreamt of: She's started her own publishing company called Rebirth Publishing and just completed her first trilogy called The Xsardis Chronicles.'

"I want teens to realize they're capable of greater things," said Hodsdon. "When I started writing Issym' [which is book 1 of The Xsardis Chronicles'] at such a young age I couldn't do anything with my writing, but as the characters in the book learned anything is possible, I too learned anything is possible."

Hodsdon's trilogy, which consists of 'Issym,' 'Asandra' and her latest release 'Xsardis,' is a Christian fantasy series for pre-teens. The books follow a boy named Seth, who finds himself in an imaginary world that challenges his faith.

"The chronicles follow his maturation and realization that the only things that matter are the things that God brought into his life," explained Hodsdon.

Writing 'The Xsardis Chronicles' came easy for Hodsdon whose been writing since she was 14. She said creating and running her own publishing company has been the challenging part.

"Having your own business is less fairy tale than I expected," chuckled Hodsdon. "Running a business you have 80 hour weeks, but I love all aspects of the business and enjoy the challenge. I get to be part of the illustrations and web design where most writers only get to write."

Hodsdon hasn't made millions from her writing; she's broken even selling 500 copies of 'Issym' and more than 300 copies of 'Asandra.' However she's proud to see her work in print and available in both paperback and as digital download at

"The biggest thing this did was open the doors for me to go into schools to inspire kids to write and share with them they're never too young to start," she said.

'Xsardis' will be available for $12.99 starting Friday, Nov. 25. That day, Hodsdon will be at Lambs on Stillwater Avenue for a book signing from 8 a.m.-12 noon.

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