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Women continue to dominate on 'Survivor'

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The women refuse to be swayed by the remaining male contestants on the CBS reality show 'Survivor'. Despite 50-year-old Troy 'Troyzan' Robertson's best efforts, he just couldn't convince Christina, Kat, and Tarzan to vote off one of the stronger females in last night's episode. And once he failed to win the immunity challenge, he all but sealed his fate that he was the next to go. After receiving four votes from his fellow contestants at tribal council, 'Troyzan' became the fifth member of the jury. I recently spoke with Robertson, a swimsuit photographer from Florida, who shared just how frustrated he was with his inability to change the course of the game. 

The Maine Edge: Where did you go wrong?

Robertson: I don't know if it's completely on me or circumstances. When Colton left that really hurt my game. He was a person that was on my side and I knew he was on my side. We were really planning to go far.

TME: Why do you think the remaining players just wouldn't budge and go with one of your plans to vote off someone else?

Robertson: Because most players are playing that game in fear, they're not playing to win. I was playing to win. And there's a huge difference between playing to win and playing to stick around. Kim is playing to win. She's making moves. It's like society. People in a lot of ways are fearful of changing. I've told people this before, the single most difficult thing to do is to change someone's mind. It's almost impossible.

TME: Do you think you underestimated Kim?

Robertson: No, not at all. I underestimated her deceitfulness for sure. She's 100% deceitful.

TME: While walking away from tribal you whispered to Kat, 'Do it". What did you mean by that?

Robertson: I talked to her before and I said, 'If you want to be a leader, make a move. You can do it.' When I knew I was going home, I knew she was an underdog so I wanted to give her one last boost of confidence. That's why I said to Kat 'Do it'.

TME: Who was the most frustrating 'Survivor' contestant to play the game with?

Robertson: Towards the end it was Tarzan, because he wasn't going to budge. He's stubborn. He knew there was a family visit coming so he wasn't focused on winning. He thought by sticking with the women he'd better his chances of doing that [making it to the family visit]. Christina, I just couldn't get through to. It was like talking to a brick wall. I'm telling her she's at the bottom. For me, I was going out of my mind going over it again and again with her and that was really frustrating. You feel like you're talking to irrational people.

TME: If you had the chance to be on the show again, would you?

Robertson: I would leave tomorrow. I'd be on it in a second. I have unfinished business. I had one goal, to win.


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