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Washington banker gets blindsided on 'Survivor'

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Just when you thought the CBS reality show 'Survivor' was getting predictable, the contestants hatch a whole new plan to blindside the least suspecting tribe mate and send him packing. That's what happened this week to 30-year-old Mike Jefferson of Seattle, Washington. He thought he had a strong alliance with Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina, Jay and Troyzan, which he did until Kim and Sabrina started discussing creating an all female alliance and annihilating the men. I had the chance to speak with Jefferson this week to find out how he truly could think in a game like 'Survivor' that he was safe from elimination.

The Maine Edge: I'm still surprised you were blindsided.

Jefferson: It's weird timing. I think the girls realized I wouldn't turn on Jay or some of the others and they thought, 'Do it now!'

TME: Why didn't you try and shake things up or make a move?

Jefferson: When Matt got voted out I knew I could've been voted out next. I figured I had to lay low for a little bit when we switched things up. I thought it was solid.

TME: You're now the second member of the jury. Are you proud of that? That's something of a feather in your cap to make it that far.

Jefferson: That was the minimal goal of mine. That's 'Survivor' right there. I have no regrets.

TME: As a member of the jury, how do you choose who to vote for?

Jefferson: I think a good 'Survivor' winner has to have a good mix, not cause drama but be subtle, doing stuff along the way just to get to the next step.

TME: Who did you enjoy playing with?

Jefferson: I enjoyed playing with Kat, Sabrina, Jay and Matt.

TME: What was your most memorable experience being on 'Survivor?'

Jefferson: The constant injuries, living in the wilderness and how beat up you can actually get. I don't get injuries at home. Nothing would heal with the lack of food and water out there.

TME: What's been the reaction of your friends and family to seeing you on the show?

Jefferson: They like it. They like what they see and like seeing me do well in the challenges. They also like seeing my beard grow.

TME: Are you looking forward to the reunion?

Jefferson: I'm ecstatic about it. I had a great relationship with everyone out there.


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