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Tyson wins Survivor: Blood vs. Water'

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Tyson Apostol Tyson Apostol

Tyson Apostol of Utah got one of the best Christmas presents he could've ever hoped for. The 34-year-old former pro-cyclist won $1 million in this season's CBS hit, 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water.' Although he's no stranger to the show, this former 'Survivor' player had never even managed to make it to the final three until now. But this season he showed up in the Philippines with his game face on. Viewers watched as he took no time to form what later proved to be an unbreakable alliance with past players Gervase Peterson and Monica Culpepper. Then he found not one but two hidden immunity idols to protect himself as well as Gervase from being voted off the island. And to top it all off, he won the last two challenges in the game to secure his spot in the final three. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Apostol following the show, and I was surprised to learn he's still not quite sure what he'll do with his winnings. 

The Maine Edge: You've heard the saying, "The third time's the charm," so what did you do differently this season than the previous seasons that you played?

Apostol: I won, and I really tried to be friends with everyone the whole time even when they were going against me. I really made an effort the entire show to do that, and I think that helped me a lot strategically and in the end game.

TME: If you had been put in the same position as Ciera [who voted her loved one out], would you have been able to write Rachel's name down if you had to?

Apostol: No. I don't think so. I would've figured out how to flip the script and keep her with me. That's what Ciera should've done.

TME: Did you ever feel a little guilty for eating other people's food or sneaking off with Gervase to drink coconuts?

Apostol: No, why would I feel guilty about that? I didn't feel guilty at all because the other times I've played everyone tip toes around the food the entire time. And this game I was thinking, 'I never win, so I'm just going to eat what I want. I'm not going to give in to banana etiquette.'

TME: Do you already have plans for the money? Any one big purchase you plan to make?

Apostol: Maybe a new car. I have everything I need, so everything else is just wants and I don't have many of those. I'll probably just put it somewhere safe and hopefully use it smartly.


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