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Two awesome guys, one awesome show

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BANGOR After 15 years of filling the airwaves with witty banter, laughs, good will, and the occasional interesting radio moment, Kiss 94.5's morning team Mike and Mike aired their last show as a team on Friday, Oct. 18. (They swear the show ending has nothing to do with the list of Zumba Johns that was released recently.)

I was able to sit in on one of their shows during the final week as they reminisced about good times, good people and a great experience that was 15 years of 'The Mike and Mike Show.' We can't possibly fit it all in one small space, but you can go to our website and listen to the interview.

Origin of the species

The Mikes have known each other since childhood, both growing up in The County, and fate would throw them together again in the mid '90s.

'In 1995, I was looking for a job and he [Mike Elliot] started Z107.3 in Old Town in what was called the abandoned convenience store,' said Dow.

'We broadcast from what was the beer cooler, that's the truth,' Elliot said.

'I was a Dickensian street urchin looking for a radio job and he took me in,' said Dow.

'I did. I cleaned him up,' said Elliot.

'I think he felt guilty for the way he treated me when we were kids, because he was older and kind of a jerk. Also the face that his grandmother and my mother are best friends and he knew he would never hear the end of it if he didn't give me a job,' said Dow.

The pair explained that shortly after the station moved to Brewer and changed to a top-40 format they kicked off 'The Mike and Mike Show.'

For the past 14 years, the Mikes have participated in the Mana Food Drive.

'The most memorable moments, the ones that will come to me when I'm old, are things that happened during the food drive that we do every year, and how that thing has grown,' said Dow. 'This will be the 14th year. Yes, there will still be a food drive, but we're scaling back our involvement somewhat. We won't be living in the parking lot and we won't be there 24-7.'

Over the years, the Mikes have had many guests and co-hosts, told many stories and touched and been touched by many lives.

'I always enjoy talking to Jimmy Kimmel. We've had him on a few times, and as he's become more and more famous, his time is more and more difficult to get a piece of. He's always been good about coming on and supporting different causes that we've been a part of,' said Elliot.

'The most memorable guests we've had aren't necessarily famous,' said Dow. 'The ones I'll remember the most are the kids we've had on the show through the Children's Miracle Network. These are kids who have gone through the most unbelievable, life-changing experiences. You know, kids who were close to death, whether it was chance or immune deficiency.'

'Very inspiring stories. We'd come in and be thinking we have to go in and do this, do that, and feel really stressed at times. Then you hear some of these stories and think what a great example these kids are setting,' said Elliot.

They recalled the time a veteran who returned home after serving in Iraq had a difficult time getting a job and received several job offers after sharing his story in 'The M&M Show.' He gave the pair his shadowbox of medals he received from service.

Or the time The Maine Troop Greeters made the pair honorary Troop Greeters, and they were able to participate in greeting troops coming home and going overseas.

'We've been able to see so many people who really care and they're doing everything they can to make their little corner of the world better. With so much divisiveness in society it's refreshing,' said Elliot.

The ending is not something that was borne of ill-will. Both Mikes are fast friends. Nor is there some evil executive splitting the duo. Dow and Elliot said that Blueberry Broadcasting had offered them the new jobs as an opportunity, a suggestion, and after deliberating on it for a couple of months and realizing they wanted to leave while everyone still liked them agreed.

'We're going to be right across the hall from each other. It's the best possible way to do this, we both wanted to leave on our own while we are still having fun. But we can still work together and still do promotions together,' said Elliot.

'Quit while we're still having a good time and while the ratings are still good It's much better to pull the plug on your show when you're having fun than it is if we stopped having fun and it became a drag and someone ended it for us,' said Dow.

'Putting 15 years of your life into something, you really wanted to look back on it with fond memories and not, Oh wow, we really hated it and they threw us out,'' said Elliot.

Both Mikes had nothing but kind words for Blueberry Broadcasting, saying they not only allowed them to continue their good works and the format of the show, but encouraged them.

When the Mikes announced their departure on their Facebook page the previous Monday, there was an outcry of shock and dismay, but also an outpouring well-wishing and thanks for the remarkable job they had done over the years. Here's a sampling of comments from their Facebook page:

- I never really believed in the whole end of the world in 2012 thing, but now with the end of 'The Mike and Mike Show' I may just end up a believer. Today is a sad day in radio broadcasting. Your show will be greatly missed, but I hope you both find happiness on your new stations. Good luck :-) Destiny W.

- 'The Mike and Mike Show:' two different guys, one immortal legacy of awesomeness! Dakota B.

- You both are absolutely awesome at what you do and I'm excited to see what the future holds for you both. Thank you for 15 awesome years. I wish you both continued success in all that you do and I will be sure to come and visit soon! Kevin M.

- A plea to my dear friends: Typically during a celebrity break up it is the children who are hurt the most. Please keep this in mind when determining the custody of your precious monkeys. Your separation will be hard enough for them, but to have their lives exploited would be devastating. Lol. Best of luck! Amanda C.

- wishing you the very best on the next phase and now that [I] am out and proud country listener [I] cant wait to hear Mike with Kat and Mr Dow [I] can't wait to listen to the best of the 70's with you whoot whoot. Mark P.

And it goes on. And on. And on. To say that Mike and Mike had a following is an understatement of epic proportions.

You can still hear Mike Dow and Mike Elliot on the air. They even work in the same building and will continue to joke and torment each other off the air. Mike Elliot will be on 97.1 WBFB The Bear, doing morning with Kat Walls (also WLKE in Ellsworth and WMCM in Rockland). Mike Dow can be heard on the Big 104(WABK 104.3 WBAK 104.7 WBKA 107.7 in Bar Harbor), biggest hits of '60s, '70s and '80s. Tune in!

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