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Tribal shake up on Survivor leads to same results

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The tribes may have been reconfigured this week on the reality show Survivor: Caramoan but the results remained the same - another player from the original Gota tribe was sent home. That player was 38-year-old Matt Bischoff of Ohio. Bischoff, Michael and Julia found themselves part of the new Bikal tribe but unevenly matched against the four original members of the tribe. That meant one of them would surely have their torch snuffed out since the numbers weren't in their favor. I recently spoke with Matt who admittedly was hoping to go further in the game then he did, but still enjoyed his Survivor experience.

The Maine Edge: When you got on the island and saw you were competing against past players, at that moment did you think you were in for it?

Bischoff: Yeah. I was like they have so much experience, they're some great competitors and they have a major advantage. I would've preferred to play against 10 newbies verses playing against favorites because they had a way bigger advantage in every aspect of the game. It was an honor though to play in 'Fans vs. Favorites.'

TME: Who in particular were you most star struck playing against?

Bischoff: I don't get star struck. It was more just really cool. When I saw Phillip walk out I thought this is going to be fun. And I'm a big fan of Dawn. We have similar hearts and souls. It was great.

TME: What is the biggest misconception people have from being a viewer watching the show to being a contestant on the show?

Bischoff: It's truly miserable. You're wet constantly. You're dying of thirst. You can't sleep and you're trying to compete. I would get done with my part of the challenge and just collapse from exhaustion. It's a lot harder than it looks. 

TME: Are you looking forward to the reunion?

Bischoff: Oh yeah. I can't wait to just see the people I got to play with, reunite, and have a good time.

Survivor: Caramoan airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.


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