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Three amigos down to just two on Survivor: Caramoan

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One of the three amigos (the name of the three Survivor contestants not a part of the core alliance) was voted off the island this week. Twenty-five year old Malcolm Freberg of California fought hard to stay in the game by winning challenges and finding hidden immunity idols when he needed to. However, in this week's episode Freberg paid $480 at the 'Survivor auction' for a clue to where another immunity idol was hidden. I recently spoke with Freberg about that purchase that he was never able to cash in on.

The Maine Edge: I know Andrea wouldn't let you out of her sight. Why not dig for the hidden immunity idol with her right there [watching you]?

Freberg: I dug so much before that and my hands were cut, bleeding and bruising. I dug everywhere I could think to dig. So when she showed up it was pretty late in my hunt and at that point I figured I wouldn't get any work done. At that point, I had to just make them believe I had it.

TME: Do you wish you hadn't given up that prior hidden immunity idol to Eddie so you had it for this vote? 

Freberg: Yeah. The plan with that whole vote with Phillip [last week] was to not play two idols and to just get everyone so scared that they voted for Phillip and not play any idols. But I probably would have had to tackle Eddie to not play that idol so I could put it back in my pocket. That was the plan but it didn't work out that way.

TME: Do you wish looking back that you hadn't aligned with the three amigos?

Freberg: We shouldn't have announced we were the three amigos. That was the dumbest thing I ever heard. I wanted to punch Eddie when he said, 'Three amigos' at tribal. Eddie made our job that much harder with that [comment]. As far as aligning with them, I planned to take control of the game and they were really my only option, so it's kind of hard to regret it.

TME: You're now the third member of the jury, what does one of the remaining contestants have to do to convince you to vote for them to win the million dollars?

Freberg: There's dozen of different ways to play a winning game. You have to be able to dictate you were the better player out there and explain why. That's all it takes.

Survivor: Caramoan airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.


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