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The women on 'Survivor' knock off yet another male contender

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Survivor: One World contestant Leif Manson Survivor: One World contestant Leif Manson

His name has been brought up numerous times throughout this season as the next potential contestant to be voted off the 'Survivor' island. And this week, 27-year-old Leif Manson of San Diego, California, was finally sent packing. His torch was snuffed out at tribal council after the majority of the women and one of the final remaining male participants, Tarzan, voted him out of the game of 'Survivor.' Now just eight players remain on the CBS reality show, and it'll be up to Leif and the rest of the jury members to decide who is given the $1 million prize and the title of sole survivor. I had a chance to talk with Manson recently to hear his thoughts on this season's contestants and just what he would've done differently in the game if given the chance.

The Maine Edge: Are you surprised you're a member of the jury or that you made it as far as you did?

Manson: I was definitely thankful. Making it to the jury is really big. Where I got [in the game] was a big surprise and a huge accomplishment.

TME: Are you proud of the way you played the game?

Manson: I am definitely super proud of how I played the game. I at least gave it 100 percent.

TME: At times we saw you sleeping in this wooden crate. Was that by choice? How comfortable was that?

Manson: That should be voted the greatest bed in 'Survivor' history. You'd have to be crazy not to enjoy four walls around you. As soon as we won that award challenge I was sizing up that box and I knew I was going to fit into it and that was going to be my bed. I laid nylon ropes down and it was nice and warm.

TME: Who was the most difficult 'Survivor' player to work and/or live with?

Manson: Tarzan takes the cake on that one. The guy is so smart but he's definitely lacking social ability, he would make me laugh with so many things he did. He was hurting himself left and right. At one point he put Monica's shirt on and her bra on his head.

TME: What would you have done differently?

Manson: Looking back, whenever I would really try and talk any strategic talk with people, I don't know what it is, if it's me or short people in general, but I wasn't taken seriously. It's hard when you're a little person, people don't take you seriously. It takes a lot more effort to get your point across. I should've just voted for Tarzan. That was my ultimate mess-up.

TME: What do the remaining players have to do to convince you to vote for them to win the million dollars?

Manson: It's definitely going to take a lot. I guess it'll be who really deserves it, who played an outright overall game with integrity.

TME: What's been your family and friend's reaction to seeing you on 'Survivor?'

Manson: [I've gotten] so much support from LPA (Little People of America), so much support from family and friends. I never would've known people would've taken so much time out of their personal life to show they care. 


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