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The returning Survivor players turn on one of their own

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Big moves turned into a big blindside on Survivor: Caramoan. For weeks, Corinne Kaplan of Survivor: Gabon fame stayed loyal to her former Bikal tribe mates (a.k.a "The Favorites") even though she vocalized over and over again her desire to get rid of the tribe's dictator, Phillip Sheppard, instead of one of the opposing tribe's players. But her alliance saw her game play as too aggressive and unpredictable and decided to vote her off, unbeknownst to her.

I recently spoke with Kaplan who said she only has herself to blame for no longer being in the game.

The Maine Edge: Do you think you were overconfident?

Kaplan: I was overconfident in my relationship with Dawn. I was not overconfident in the game. Trust me, I didn't think I had a very good shot for the million. My goal was to make it to the jury. 

TME: Why not try to flip [your vote] on Phillip? You said you'd stay loyal to your alliance until there were no more "fan" players but he obviously didn't feel the same way.

Kaplan: I would have loved to have gotten Phillip out. I tried to get Phillip out when we were voting out Matt, when we were voting out Julia. But I just couldn't get anyone on board. I made all my decisions with Dawn and Dawn didn't want to get rid of Phillip. I feel in an alliance it's a democracy and you can't get your own way and for whatever reason when I went to Dawn, Cochran or Andrea, no one would get rid of Phillip.

TME: Do you think people are willing to take him [or keep him around] because if he ended up in the final three no one on the jury would vote for him?

Kaplan: Nobody in real life would hang out with him. No one likes him but I believed myself to be in the same position. No one is going to give me the million dollars so I would say, "Why not take me to the end instead of the most annoying player?"

TME: Any one liners or things you regret saying?

Kaplan: Oh God, no. I think like that. There's a ton of things I said that got edited out that I thought were great. After one of the challenges, Phillip looked at me and said, "Corinne if I didn't know better I would think you threw that challenge." And I said, "Honestly, I would rather go midnight fishing with Scott Pederson than go to tribal council tonight. I did not throw that challenge."

Survivor: Caramoan airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.


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