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The best and worst of WrestleMania

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WrestleMania 29 is coming at us in two weeks. Since becoming a huge success back in 1985, there is always pressure put on the WWE to top the past year's show. 

You can look back at every WrestleMania and find at least one match that was great or special in one way or another. But the grandest stage of them all hasn't always quite delivered, with some matches making you wonder whether you were attending WrestleMania or your typical live event. I have always looked forward to WrestleMania, as it is a chance for superstars to shine and make a name for themselves. Looking back at my time as a wrestling fan since 1998, here is what I consider as the best and worst of WrestleMania.

Best Mania Match

This is the hardest to decide, as there have been many great matches from Stone Cold vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 17 to last year's epic encounter between Triple H and the Undertaker. As great as those matches were, the one that grabbed my attention the most and told an amazing story was Ric Flair's final match against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 24. At almost age 60, Flair wrestled the best match I'd ever seen him fight during his return run with the WWE. The match brought together two of the smartest wrestlers in the history of the company who knew how to put on a top notch show for the audience. 

Best Mania PPV

The 20th anniversary of the largest spectacle in sports entertainment went right back to its roots at Madison Square Garden. When watching WrestleMania, I expect a show that will easily blow away anything else that WWE puts out, which is exactly what happened that special evening. Here you had John Cena emerge as a future main event superstar with his victory over the Big Show, along with two WCW originals in Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit coming out on top with the industry's most prestigious titles. This five-hour spectacle defined special moments and everything WrestleMania is supposed to be.

Worst Mania Match

There is one match that could have stolen the show, but instead finished in quick fashion and ended the career of a top superstar on a low note. John Bradshaw Layfield had one of the greatest superstar revivals going from an average mid-card fighter to one of the top heels in the WWE. His opponent at WrestleMania 25 was the high-flying Rey Mysterio, who defeated Bradshaw in less than 30 seconds. The quick finish was bad enough, but what made this even worse was Bradshaw then announcing his retirement.

Worst Mania PPV

WrestleMania 26 is the worst in recent Mania history, as every match on the card except for Shawn Michaels vs. the Undertaker fell completely flat. This event was hurt by a weak opening tag team contest that lasted only four minutes, and nothing that stood out as the WrestleMania moment fans look for. 

We shall see if this year's event can live up to the hype when WrestleMania 29 takes place live on April 7 at MetLife Stadium.

WEB EDITORS NOTE: Come on, man! Wrestlemania III had it all. Hogan vs. Andre The Giant! Not to mention Bob Eucker and Mary Hart. That was the best wrestling PPV of all time, hands down!


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