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Ten Bucks Theatre makes a day of it

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TBTC to present sixth 24 Hour New Play Festival

EDDINGTON – One of the local theater community’s most beloved traditions is set to take place once again.

Ten Bucks Theatre Company will be presenting their sixth annual 24 Hour New Play Festival on Sept. 16 at 7 p.m. at Eddington’s Comins Hall. The festival serves as a fundraiser for the hall, a key component of the social and creative fabric of Eddington, Clifton and other area communities.

And make no mistake – this event is precisely as advertised. Over the course of a single 24-hour period, a collection of nearly 40 people – some writers, some actors, some directors, a few some combination therein – will come together to create brand new, never before seen short plays.

The way it works is fairly simple. In the weeks prior to the event, people signed up to participate. They were asked to indicate their preferences with regards to the capacity in which they would like to take part - playwrights, directors and actors were all needed – and the amount of time they were able to commit to the cause (full commitment was optimal, obviously, but TBTC left room for those who couldn’t quite manage the whole time).

Late in the afternoon of Sept. 15, all involved will descend on Comins Hall and meet as one group for the very first time.

From there, they will split into smaller groups – each group will feature a playwright, a director and a number of performers. These groups – reportedly seven in total (five adult, two youth) as of press time - will be left to discuss and brainstorm possible ideas for a play. The collaborative spirit runs high, with everyone encouraged to bring their thoughts to the table. After a few hours of discussion and debate, the playwrights will leave to return home and write their scripts – scripts that need to be done by the next morning.

After these playwrights scribble through the night, the groups will reconvene at the hall on the morning of Sept. 16. There, they’ll spend the day rehearsing with their still-evolving scripts, editing and tweaking as they go. The collaborative process continues, with each team coming together to help build the best possible performance.

The available stage minutes allotted to each group are understandably limited. Hence, every free space in the hall will be devoted to the rapid-fire development of these nascent short plays.

And then – showtime. At 7 p.m. that Saturday night, just one single solitary day after these passionate theater folks first came together, an evening of sparkling new theatrical work will be put on display.

It’s a remarkable thing that Ten Bucks Theatre Company has created and sustained, offering an opportunity unlike anything else in the area. It’s a chance to bring something to life with speed and skill, a chance to experience and experiment in the theatrical realm.

So make your way to Eddington on the night of Sept. 16. I can guarantee that you’ll see something – seven somethings, really – unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Sounds like a pretty great way to spend an evening, doesn’t it?

And just between you and me? It’s even better than it sounds.


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