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Sushi chef voted out of 'Survivor'

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Survivor: One World contestant Jonas Otsuji Survivor: One World contestant Jonas Otsuji

Now that the players on 'Survivor' are on one tribe, it's becoming obvious to viewers that they're not one big happy family. Last week, Tarzan and Jonas, both of whom were members of the original Manono tribe, turned on one another. Jonas, a sushi chef from Utah, that has been a quiet, unassuming player for most of the game, finally snapped at Tarzan, an aging plastic surgeon from Texas, who is set in his ways. That blow up ultimately earned Jonas an early exit from the game. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Jonas Otsuji and get his reaction to the game of 'Survivor' and what he would've done differently if given the opportunity.

The Maine Edge: What was your beef with Tarzan? Why didn't you two get along?

Otsuji: Tarzan had pretty much had run-ins with everybody. The straw that broke the camel's back was when he went to Mike and told him this big plan of how the guys were going to vote, and Mike was never with us. That's what set me off for sure.

TME: Were you glad to know you were going home or that you were given a heads up you might be going home?

Otsuji: Absolutely, I was glad to be given a heads up. It gave me one more chance to fight. I definitely wouldn't have wanted to be blindsided.

TME: You tried to make amends with Tarzan at the end of the show and he said he hard feelings towards you. What's your reaction?

Otsuji: At that point I had no ulterior motive, I was going home. I was just trying to show him I was playing a game and none of this is real and I hope we're cool, but he took it all personally.

TME: Why were you so loyal to Colton?

Otsuji: I never believed anything Colton said. I told him if he had a plan, 'Yeah I'm with you on that,' but I never would bet my life he was telling me the truth. I went along with what he said but I wasn't with him.

TME: Any advice to someone in your shoes if they had the opportunity to play the game?

Otsuji: I don't know if I'm worthy to give advice, but I'd say don't try and fly under the radar, just go for it because either way you're going to come up on someone's radar so you might as well go out being proactive.


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