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Survivor's most hated player is medically taken out of the game

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Survivor contestant Colton Cumbie Survivor contestant Colton Cumbie

Karma made its presence felt on 'Survivor' this week when the reality show's most hated player, 21-year-old Colton Cumbie of Alabama, was taken out of the game for what appeared to be appendicitis. 

Cumbie offended almost all of his tribe mates in one way or another. Week after week, viewers like myself have watched the idol necklace holder and conniving 'queen' of the misfits [the name he gave to his fellow 'Survivor' players] verbally assault those around him. Cumbie made it known he was calling the shots in the game until medics deemed him too sick to continue. While being evacuated from the island, Cumbie was told he could give his immunity necklace to anyone on the Manono tribe, but he instead decided to keep it as a souvenir.

When I spoke with Cumbie recently, he said he wished he would've been blindsided instead of leaving the game with what was later diagnosed as a severe bacterial infection. Here's what else he had to say:

Cumbie: Obviously I was uncomfortable watching some certain parts. I don't want to be seen as someone who would treat people that way. There have been people who admitted they are not fans of mine. I regret my remarks to Bill, Christina, Leif. But I'm glad I said what I said because I get to see myself in other people's eyes and I get to grow as a person. I don't think half the crap I said on TV. I think [Alicia] and I just throw the term hate around. I can count on one hand the amount of people I hate.

The Maine Edge: Do you like being cast as the villain?

Cumbie: I don't know who else would be this season's villain, might as well embrace it. I own my title; I'll wear my crown with pride.

TME: Do you think you would have merged had you not gone out the way you did with an appendicitis or do you think there would have been another immunity challenge?

Cumbie: No, there would have been another challenge. They would've wiped the floor with us. We would've voted out Alicia and then we would've merged and I would've went to work.

TME: Did you have a plan from day one because you certainly changed from day one to last night's episode? It looked like you were going to give up early on.

Cumbie: In the beginning it was more of a shock for me. The irony in it is throughout the casting they kept asking 'What is your biggest fear going in?' and I said "If it was men vs. women that would be my biggest fear." I knew for sure I'd have an immediate target. I did go over to the women's side and spent a lot of time with them and the guys were okay with that because I told the men what was happening with the women. I played both sides very early on. Whenever I was crying and begging to live with the girls, I didn't have the idol. I was trying to get the idol. But I had an alliance with Jay from day one.

TME: We talked with Monica last week who was blindsided by the vote, she said you had a relationship with her, you called her Momica.

Cumbie: Yes, I called her Momica. There was substance to that relationship. My strategy going in, the first time I saw Monica and Nina was to tell them 'You're like my mom' and I'm homesick and I thought it would be their nature to take me in. Monica was a threat; I didn't want her to get to the merge.

TME: Who has got the biggest chance [of winning]?

Cumbie: I feel like the boys are going to fall apart without me. You see Kim and Chelsea and they seem to know what's going on. I'm rooting for Jay but I'm also rooting for Kim. There were honestly four people who knew how to play - me, Kim, Troy and Matt and that's why Matt was voted out. Right now I'd say Kim has the best chance.


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