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Survivor veterans organize ousting of younger contestant

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If there was ever a divide among the players of 'Survivor: Philippines', it was made known last week - Abi and her ally, Pete, against everyone else. That divide was made evidently clear to viewers when Abi and the three younger players won the reward challenge which consisted of a spa day and island buffet; something Abi continued to gloat about upon returning to camp where the remaining contestants were filling their bellies with nothing but rice. However, the very vocal L.A. resident was able to dodge elimination for one more week during tribal council, but the same could not be said for 24-year-old Pete Yurkowski of New Jersey.

I recently spoke with Yurkowski who wished he would've broken off his alliance with Abi and possibly stayed in the game longer.

The Maine Edge: Why did you keep your alliance with Abi until the end?

Yurkowski: I kept it a little too long. It was because I knew nobody was going to vote for her which was attractive to me but I should've cut her loose when we cut Jeff Kent loose.

TME: If you were able to make it to the final three, who would be your ideal final three to go to the end with?

Yurkowski: Abi definitely and it's a toss-up between Artis and Carter, whoever would've been the lesser of two evils.

TME: Was there anything that surprised you during your time on Survivor that you couldn't or didn't plan for?

Yurkowski: The rain. It was out of control. It was convenient that during challenge time though it would stop raining.

TME: Who will you keep in touch with?

Yurkowski: I'll keep in touch with Malcolm, Carter, Abi, Skupin. Everyone really except RC, she's way too bitter.

Survivor: Philippines airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.


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