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Survivor 'super fan' & returning player Cochran wins Survivor Caramoan

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The red headed, fair skinned, self proclaimed geek John Cochran of Washington, D.C. is in a league of his own. He successfully won Survivor Caramoan this week by securing the vote of every single member of the jury which was made up of contestants he had a hand in knocking out of the game. The Harvard law student has been watching the show since he was 13 and even wrote a paper about it in law school. He got the opportunity to see the game from the inside when he was invited to participate in Survivor South Pacific, but he was the 13th person voted out during that season. This season, he made it all the way to the end when he aligned himself with former Survivor South Pacific player, Dawn Meehan of Utah and newcomer Sherri Biethman of Boise, Idaho. The trio lasted 39 grueling days on the island, but in the end it was Cochran who pulled out the win. I recently spoke with the Washington, D.C. native about his winning strategy and what he plans to do with his one million dollar prize.

The Maine Edge: One of the things you've wanted to do is be on Survivor and win it. Is it bittersweet now that you've accomplished that and how do you top it?

Cochran: I just sent out a tweet this morning that said my life is downhill from here. I have so few passions in my life. I love the Beatles and I love Survivor. I don't know what's next. That's why I've talked about pursuing writing.

TME: What are you going to do with the winnings?

Cochran: Not too much exciting stuff. Invest in my future. Once I figure out where I'm going to live, I'll put a down payment on an apartment and a few small impulse buys on a few technology gizmos since I'm kind of a technology geek.

TME: Even though you won, would you change who you brought to the final three?

Cochran: Obviously it helped having an outcome that worked in my favor. No. I got very, very close to Dawn and Sherri. At the time, it's was a good feeling going to the end with people you genuinely like and trust. I worked together with them. 

TME: What was your best memory of this season besides winning?

Cochran: The final four tribal council when we voted off Eddie and he walks off after his torch was snuffed out, I looked at the jury and they were all looking at me giving me a thumbs up and Reynold mouthed 'You won.' And that was an exhilarating moment for me.

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