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'Survivor' island now 'Kat'-less following tribal council

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Her goal was to be the youngest player to ever win 'Survivor', but 22-year-old Kat Edorsson's dream fell short when the tribe blindsided her at tribal council. The blonde was unanimously voted off the island and onto the jury. Endorsson, a college student and part-time Timeshare Rep. from Florida, was visibly shaken by the betrayal and furious that she was sent home before fellow contestants Christina and Tarzan. Edorsson even confessed during her exit interview that she was going to "beg Jeff [the show's host] to let her back on the show so she could redeem herself." I recently spoke with Edorsson by phone to find out if her naivety is what cost her the game.

The Maine Edge: Looking back do you think you were too naive?

Endorsson: I wouldn't want to say naive. I know everyone doesn't want to hear this but I am only 22. I don't want to see it as naive, that's a negative word. In 'Survivor' you have to trust someone. What I did was trust someone with my whole heart and in 'Survivor' you shouldn't play that way and in life you shouldn't do that, unless it's family. I think I made naive decisions, but I am not naive.

TME: Why didn't you try and make a move with Troyzan the week before and vote out Kim or another strong female?

Endorsson: My decision for not being more open to what he had to say had nothing to do with Troy. If I would've went with Troy and voted for Christina two nights before, my alliance would've found out I betrayed them and then I would've had to take on Alicia, Chelsea, Kim and probably Tarzan. Kim said to the viewers I was in her final three. The only reason she couldn't keep me anymore is because the rest of them flipped.

TME: During the reward challenge you won you had the chance to have a private meal with your loved one and Jeff Probst let you pick two other 'Survivor' players and their loved ones to join you. You chose Kim and Alicia. Do you think that was a game changer for you when all the others thought Christina and Tarzan should've gone on the reward?

Endorsson: When I chose Kim and Alicia it was such a terrible decision. I didn't know how Sabrina and Chelsea would react. I wasn't thinking strategically. The family reward challenge is sin. You want to be chosen not the chooser and the fact that you had to choose someone means you're going to make someone else upset. If I would've taken Sabrina and Chelsea, they wouldn't have said I was selfish. That was a terrible decision I made.

TME: What are you more upset about the fact that you got voted off before Christina and Tarzan or that you were blindsided.

Endorsson: That I was voted before Christina and Tarzan. I was the only one who would go head to head with Kim after Troy left and I tried last night but my arms gave out.

TME: Knowing what you know now, would you still vote for Kim to win the million dollars?

Endorsson: I can't say who I'd vote for but knowing what I know now and how she's played, I think Kim has a fantastic shot to win the game.

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