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Survivor contestants merge after double elimination

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Candice Cody Candice Cody

Veteran players and loved ones form one tribe

Not one but two Survivors were knocked out of the game last week after failing to hold up their own weight. John Cody, Laura Boneham and Laura Morett were all on redemption island, competing to re-enter the game in a challenge that required them to hang onto a pole for as long as they could. When their feet touched the ground, they were out. The one that could hold their weight up and off the ground the longest would get a chance to play Survivor yet again. That individual was none other than Laura Morett. John Coty, spouse of former Survivor player Candice Cody and Laura Boneham, wife of returning player Rupert Boneham, were visibly disappointed with the outcome. I recently had the chance to speak with both players following their elimination from the show and here's what they had to say... 

The Maine Edge: Ever regret sharing the idol clue(s) with Brad [Culpepper] at all?

Cody: I'm not sure that was ultimately my downfall with Brad. I think that's what the other guys held onto as something to vote me out. I don't regret showing Brad those clues, I was inside my sub-group alliance and was trying to show them I trusted them.

TME: If you could've picked what the challenge would've been on redemption island to get you back into the game, what would you have hoped for?

Cody: A puzzle, I think. Turns out I'm pretty good at puzzles and in my mind that's as neutral a challenge as you can get. I feel that the last challenge [on redemption] is definitely geared to someone with smaller feet, less body weight. Guys that are built like me tend not to do as well in that challenge. I definitely would've preferred a challenge that I thought I had a better chance of winning. 

TME: Did you get the experience you expected [on Survivor]?

Cody: I don't think anyone gets the experience they expect on Survivor. What I got was an incredible experience. I wasn't 100% pleased with the outcome but it was definitely the real Survivor experience, I got blindsided, sent to redemption island, had disappointment, blunders and success. It was the full Monty.

TME: Laura, you outlasted your husband. Did you have any idea with him having the experience of being in the game before you'd be able to outlast him?

Boneham: He gave me the position to outlast him. That was his gift to me was to let me advance ahead of him. So it was a different situation.

TME: Did you like that twist in the game that a loved one could replace you on redemption island if they wanted to?

Boneham: We [both Rupert and I] did not.

TME: Besides telling Vytas he was the next to go, if you had it to do again would you do things differently?

Boneham: I feel like I played the hardest game I knew how to play. I was myself. Maybe I'd try to be less emotional but socially I played as hard as I could with the skills I had. 

Survivor Blood vs. Water airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.


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