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Survivor contestants knock out former 'special agent' from the game

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Fifty four year old Phillip Sheppard, one of the most outspoken Survivor: Caramoan contestants, was taken out of the game this week when the three players outside of the tribe's strong alliance (known as 'Stealth R Us') all received immunity or played their hidden immunity idols. 

Over and over again, Sheppard shared with viewers and Survivor players how good he was at reading people and knowing when they were lying since he is a former FBI special agent. However, that special power wasn't enough for the remaining players to keep him around. The California native now becomes the second member of the jury, a position he's never been in before since he made it to the final three during his first time playing on Survivor Redemption Island. I recently spoke with the Sheppard and asked if he had any regrets.

The Maine Edge: Where you shocked to be going home? I didn't notice you bring any of your belongings to tribal council.

Sheppard: There are a lot of things you didn't see. Actually, I did bring my belonging to tribal council. I spent a good part of the day trying to convince my tribe that Malcolm had a hidden immunity idol. It got pretty heated a couple of times, but no one was willing to listen to me. I was more disappointed and angry that I wasn't being heard when I really needed to be heard.

TME: Anyone you wished you didn't bring into your alliance? 

Sheppard: I would still stick with my core alliance. There were people on the fringes that we brought in to see if we could control them a little bit. We knew Erik couldn't be trusted because he voted against one of the core persons, Andrea, the first time when Francesca was voted out. The only person that was in the alliance but was never really in the alliance from day one and we all knew it was Malcolm. Malcolm demonstrated the whole time he was out there that he was thinking something else and behaving like someone who had found an idol.

TME: You mentioned Boston Rob throughout the season. Do you have a great respect for him or a bromance going on with him? Why are you infatuated with him?

Sheppard: When I played with Boston Rob the first time, I thought he's got some things in his box having played four times that I just don't have. You know what? You can't seem to get control of the game from him so I thought how about pay attention to what he's doing. He came out day one and made an alliance and then got an alliance within an alliance. There's no such thing as a bromance between Boston Rob and I. I'm just showing a respect for a guy who I thought played a brilliant game. I learned some things from him and tried to incorporate that in my game.

Survivor: Caramoan airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.


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