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Second 'Survivor' returnee voted off

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From the start of the season, Survivor Philippines has been swarmed in controversy since the show's producers decided to let three previously medically evacuated players from past seasons have the opportunity to return to the game for a chance to finish what they started. Those returnees include 50-year-old Jonathan Penner of Survivor: Cook Islands and Survivor: Micronesia fame, 50-year-old Michael Skupin of Survivor: Australian Outback and 45-year-old Russell Swan of Survivor: Samoa.

Swan was voted out of the game by his tribe mates early on this season, but Penner and Skupin have been able to hang in there long enough to make the merge. However, this week was the end of the line for 'Survivor' veteran Jonathan Penner of Los Angeles, California. He was voted out after the tribe's most disliked player, Abi, won the immunity challenge. I spoke with Penner after the show who was obviously frustrated that his third time playing the game didn't result in a victory.

The Maine Edge: How different was it playing Survivor this time around and do you think your attempts at being the winner of 'Survivor' are over or will we see you try again?

Penner: Being medically evacuated was tougher and harder to swallow. It was a mortifying and terrible way to leave the game. This was much less mortifying. I played the game I wanted to play but I should've lied to Lisa when she wanted me to align with her. Lasting one more day out there would've allowed me to pull out who knows what? Would I do it again? I would certainly consider it seriously if I was able and available. I would never say never.

TME: Why didn't you agree to an alliance with Lisa and Skupin last week when she approached you?

Penner: A handshake means a lot to some people, it means a lot to me. I thought a handshake with me would've meant just as much to Lisa and Skupin as a handshake with Malcolm and Denise. I hadn't lied to Lisa and Skupin ever in the game and hadn't planned to start to, but maybe I should've.

TME: I'm not sure what it is about Season 25, but no one, including yourself, have managed to keep it a secret when they find a hidden immunity idol, why?

Penner: I felt I needed to do that. I was getting no traction with my tribe to gain allies and maybe it was because it was exactly like it was portrayed on camera that Jeff Kent kept saying we need to get this guy out.

TME: You seem to have formed a close bond with Lisa out there. Having played this game three times now, do you think she has a shot of making it to the final two or three?

Penner: Of course because right now she's in the dominant alliance. She claims that I was the person she most trusted and wanted to go to the end with and I believe her, yet she was able to vote me out. So I don't see her blowing that up in the next two or three votes. I think all six of them have a shot.

Survivor: Philippines airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.

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