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Sea Dog restaurant opens the 'barrel room'

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BANGOR - The Sea Dog restaurant on the Bangor waterfront can accommodate more patrons than ever before thanks to its newest edition, known as the barrel room.

"This is all about beer," said Larry Killam, general manager for the Sea Dog. "We're brewing new beer every month. This was built with the kettles in the back. Everything in here is about beer."

And although the barrel room, located under the restaurant, is brand new, the space was built upon a floor that holds a bit of Maine's past.

"The floor is from the Lewiston Armory. We were going to leave some of it as is because it was cost effective. Then as we laid it in, it was just perfect as is," explained Killam.

The rest of the space is rustic and allows patrons to snack on hors d'oeuvres and beer while perched on top of one of the bar stools or seated at one of the tables.

"It's a great space," said Kerrie Tripp, executive director for the Greater Bangor Convention and Visitors Bureau. "It gives the Sea Dog more flexibility and it opens up so many more opportunities to cover events and meetings."

However, the barrel room will not be open full time. As of now, Killam said it will be open Fridays and Saturdays.

"This place is going to drive us. It won't be us making the plans," said Killam.

Tripp doesn't think it'll take long for Killam and the Sea Dog staff to start filling the space.

"Who doesn't like an establishment like this?" said Tripp. "This has outdoor dining, a deck, it's by the river. It appeals to everyone.


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