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Our Yankee Chef gets published

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Readers of our publication need no introduction to the wonderful recipes that James Bailey has shared with us over the years. He's written a column for The Maine Edge as well as many other local print and online publications for many years, creating a name and a following. Bailey also has an online blog and YouTube channel for those who wish to follow his cooking.

And now there is a new way to keep the Yankee Chef in your kitchen. Bailey recently published 'The Yankee Chef: Feel Good Food for Every Kitchen' (Schiffer, $34.95). This book is thick and juicy. It includes a truly massive amount of recipes for every occasion with beautiful and colorful accompanying photos.

Each page holds several recipes, and with 300 pages, you're getting a lot of food. Its 14 chapters cover breakfast treats, vegetables, snacks, appetizers, dips and spreads, different kinds of meats (fish and seafood, poultry, beef lamb and pork, etc.) and much, much more. 

The recipes themselves, in true Bailey fashion, are easy to follow and often require items you most likely have on hand. Should you have to make a run for something special, it's certain to be worth your while. 

But in addition to the recipes, Bailey has woven in small stories - anecdotes and trivia about food, his childhood and history. You aren't just getting the recipe, you're getting the lore behind it and pieces of Bailey's past. Soul food, really.

This is a book you could spend hours thumbing through, daydreaming about meals you could make. You can also find several quick and easy recipes for food you have sitting in your freezer or pantry.

Whether you're a beginner chef just trying things out for the first time or an old hand at culinary arts, you will find 'The Yankee Chef' is an excellent addition to your cookbook collection. And though I won't go as far to say it's the only cookbook you'll need (cause who doesn't want more cookbooks?), but if it happens to be the only one you have, you won't be hungry or disappointed.

For more about The Yankee Chef, visit, find him on Facebook or YouTube or read him in the Style section of The Maine Edge.


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