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On National Beer Day - An Ode to Beer

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I do believe that I shall never find

A beverage that tastes so very right

As you, sweet beer, and all those of your kind;

Your foamy head is a creamy delight.

Your colors excite, be they dark or pale;

There is beauty in your condensation

And delicious crispness within your scent.

I take great pleasure in every detail

Of this truly inspiring creation,

With nary an instant of discontent.


You've never failed to satisfy me, beer;

An affection you have never betrayed.

That love began in my 21st year

And continues still to this very day.

Your refreshing nature is coy and cool;

With always that chance that you might surprise,

You’re ever-informed with elan and joy.

Men who deny you are nothing but fools

To say no to you, so tasty a prize,

Your flavors that we embrace and enjoy.


Countless varieties tickle my tongue,

From lagers to ales to stouts and beyond.

In pubs near and far, your praises are sung;

Hymns to those flavors of which we are fond.

Bangor Beer Co. is great! So is Lone Pine!

To Geaghans, Black Bear and 2 Feet as well!

OGs Sea Dog and Shipyard and Geary’s!

To Marsh Island, OBC and Airline!

We love Rising Tide, Mast Landing is swell;

Mason’s and Banded: an ongoing series.


I love that I find you most everywhere;

Your presence is indeed ubiquitous.

Your amber wonder an answered prayer,

Your attitude never duplicitous.

Of course, I strive not to drink to excess;

Responsibly is how I enjoy you,

For too much of you is simply no fun.

For National Beer Day, I must express

Love for your many forms, both old and new -

But my favorite beer is the next one.


(A version of this poem has appeared previously in The Maine Edge.)

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