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Oliver Hudson of Fox’s ‘The Cleaning Lady’ - ‘This show is really about family’

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The new crime drama “The Cleaning Lady” debuted to impressive numbers in early January with 3.6 million viewers tuning in to give Fox the network’s highest rated new drama in two years. Numbers reveal that subsequent episodes have mostly retained those viewers.

“The Cleaning Lady” centers around Thony De La Rosa (Elodie Yung), a doctor from the Philippines who comes to America in search of medical treatment for her son but winds up working for the mob when her visa expires. The FBI is on Thony’s trail from the first episode in the form of agent Garrett Miller, portrayed by Oliver Hudson.

“He’s a little different, not your typical FBI guy,” Hudson said of his character during an interview with The Maine Edge.

Hudson says he doesn’t see Agent Miller wearing a tie but says the lawman loves his job and has a tendency to operate in the gray area between right and wrong.

“He’s not always on the up and up,” Hudson says of his character. “He’s driven by success and whatever he needs to do to achieve that success. He may not be breaking the law but he’s certainly pushing the boundaries of what is admissible. Agent Miller met his match with Thony De La Rosa. She’s cunning, knows how to play both sides, and I don’t think he’s had an informant quite like her.”

I asked Hudson, a father of three, if the premise of this show has made him wonder what he would do in Thony’s shoes.

“Absolutely, even as a character,” Hudson said. “I don’t think it gets revealed until later, but my character has two kids himself and he’s going through a divorce.”

Hudson says FBI Agent Miller has empathy for De La Rosa. He understands her predicament but his job is to take down the mob syndicate employing her and he’ll do what it takes to make that happen.

“As a father myself, yeah, I think about what I would do in her situation,” Hudson said. “I would go to any lengths to save my kids. If that meant something illegal? Yeah, but I probably wouldn’t kill anyone (laughs). Of course, that’s papa bear stuff.”

Hudson said that one of the reasons he was attracted to the role of Agent Miller is that it was an opportunity to take on a meaty dramatic part after several years of mostly doing comedies like Fox’s “Scream Queens,” CBS’s “Rules of Engagement” and ABC’s “Splitting Up Together.”

“Then I saw the pilot episode which I wasn’t part of originally, but they shot my parts later and put me in there. I just thought the story and the actors were so great,” Hudson said. “Elodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa is just an amazing talent. The show has grit to it, it looks good, it has relevance and relatability. I like the message and the fact that the show doesn’t hit you over the head with it. Another factor was that Albuquerque, where we shoot the show, is close to Los Angeles. You asked about being a father and family is my top priority. When you get down to it, this show is really about family.

Although he comes from a famous family, Hudson says his parents worked very hard to make sure that life at home was as normal as possible for him and his siblings.

Hudson’s mother is actress Goldie Hawn, his father is musician Bill Hudson and his sister is actress Kate Hudson.

I asked Hudson if having famous parents made him put his guard up at a young age.

“I tried my hardest to make sure nobody knew who my parents were,” Hudson explained. “It was a big deal to me. I wasn’t embarrassed about it; it was more me wanting to be on my own and not have to question why someone might like me. At a pretty young age, I developed a sharp intuition and instinct about the human condition. There were probably some kids who thought it was cool that they knew Goldie Hawn’s son, but kids are kids and even in adulthood that stuff happens. In the four walls of our family, everything was as normal as possible thanks to my parents.”

Hudson and Yung’s costars on “The Cleaning Lady” include Adam Canto as Arman and Martha Millan as Fiona De La Rosa, Thony’s sister. Comedian Jay Mohr has a recurring role as Councilman Eric Knight. 

(The next episode of “The Cleaning Lady,” set for Monday, February 14, at 9:00 pm on Fox, is titled “Mother’s Mission.” The head of the criminal cartel uses Thony’s relationship with agent Garrett Miller (Oliver Hudson) to feed information to the FBI.)

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