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My name is Kaitlyn, and I am a Downton Abbey' addict.

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It all started as a history assignment. An honest to goodness innocent school assignment. I was reluctant at first, because if school is assigning it, it must be dry, a documentary, or both. 'Downton Abbey' was neither. The scene cuts were suspenseful. The camera work was magnificent, and the costumes -- don't even let me get started on the costumes. I could talk an elephant's ear off about the costumes.

At the time, the entire first season was available on Netflix. I started binge watching episode after episode, and then, like all good things, season one ended. I waited for them to add more episodes, but they never did. Eventually I broke down and had to buy the next season on DVD. I was only about half way through season two when I heard season four was going to air in the U.S. Naturally, I did what any sane person would do. I caught up. You could say that watching an entire season in 48 hours is a sign of insanity. I say it's a sign of commitment. 

Season four premiered, and I was finally up to speed on what was happening. I tuned in week after week. I smiled at the transformation of Lady Edith, from her wardrobe makeover to her new independence. I wanted justice for what happened to Anna. As always, of course, I was sucked in to the world of everyone, upstairs and down. 

I think that everyone who watches 'Downton' will admit to dreaming about having a staff to run their house. Someone to unlock the door and let them in, bring their mail to them on a tray (a silver tray, no less), iron their newspaper (because who can read that with wrinkles, seriously?) - you know, essential things. I myself wouldn't mind having outfits laid out in advance, based on simple prompts like 'something not too fancy, but enough to show I made an effort.' Cora said something like that once in an episode. BAM. Entire outfit laid out, complete with jewelry. 

Alas, fans will have to continue to dream. Season four has ended, and season five is not expected to air in the U.S. until January. I'll probably slip into some state of insanity before then. I've already started referring to my GPS as Branson. It is a Tom Tom, so it just seems fitting. 

Fans of the series, don't be discouraged about the long wait between seasons. It's very middle class.


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