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Win a chance to Rock Out With Randy'

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Rock legend Randy Bachman announces contest

Classic rock legend Randy Bachman, formerly of The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive, checked in this week with details about a new contest for guitarists called 'Rock Out With Randy.'

The winner will receive an amazing guitar and amp package as well as a travel voucher to join Randy onstage next month in New York City. 'Bachman,' Randy's power trio, is on tour to support his latest studio album (also called 'Bachman') available on vinyl, CD and mp3.

Contest details are available at and The deadline for entering is May 27; the winner will be selected personally by Randy Bachman and announced on June 3.

Dow: How does the 'Rock Out With Randy' contest work?

Bachman: I have seven guest guitar soloists on this album including Jeff Healey, Neil Young, Joe Bonnamassa, Robert Randolph and Peter Frampton. We chose Frampton's track because it's the title of the album, 'Heavy Blues.' If your listeners go to iTunes and buy Heavy Blues,' they can also get the free version without Frampton's guitar solos. It's a special mix we did for this contest. I encourage you to add your own guitar solo, put it in your computer, film yourself playing and upload it to YouTube.

We'll select one winner who will receive a D'Angelico EX-SS Guitar and a Supro 1690T Coronado amplifier, which is the amp I used on the album to get that great vintage blues sound. The winner will also receive a $1,500 travel voucher to join me when I play in New York City next month. You'll play along with me and the band. After the show, we'll go together to the D'Angelico headquarters. It's by invitation only and we'll film it and put it up on YouTube. Two days later, I'll have the winner join me onstage when I do my 'Every Song Tells a Story' show at B.B. King's club. I get to pick the best solo and grant the reward!

Dow: What is the total value of the prize package?

Bachman: With the guitar, amp and travel voucher, it's about a $10,000 prize. This is a great chance for guitarists to get out of the basement or the garage wherever they are and play in New York City. If I were a guitar player, I'd be entering it (laughs).

Dow: You did a contest a year ago choosing people to rock out with you and the band onstage at each show on your tour. I later read some comments from one of those winners where he cited you and your crew as the nicest, most down-to-Earth people he's ever met.

Bachman: I have a great crew. They really are like family and we've been together for a long time. It's pretty amazing. We had about 30,000 people enter the contests last year because we had a different winner in each town. It doesn't matter what you look like it's all about how you play. That's all I'm listening for.

Dow: Any advice for people who want to enter the contest?

Bachman: I would recommend listening to the album version of Heavy Blues' and listen to what Peter Frampton played on that song. Listen to how he plays it - the notes, the tone, the technique. Then I want to hear your notes, your tone and your technique. So get the version without Frampton and add your guitar. It doesn't matter if you're 10 or 90. Male or female, it doesn't matter. It's funny we had a winner last year from Canada who won a right-handed guitar but he was left-handed so he had to play it upside down but we ended up having a special lefty model made for him.

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