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Tim Reynolds of the Dave Matthews Band chooses Maine label for benefit single

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When two-time Grammy-nominated musician Tim Reynolds received a call from a Maine record label about possibly issuing a benefit single, he didn’t hesitate to offer up a tune to aid folks in his adopted hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. According to Will Bradford, co-founder of Portland-based CommunityZ RecordZ, proceeds from Reynolds’ song will help underprivileged people in the town where the Dave Matthews Band was formed.

The label has released Reynolds’ song “Guardian Angels,” a percolating acoustic instrumental featuring drums and percussion by Nikki Glaspie (Beyonce, Maceo Parker), available exclusively for the time being at

The multi-instrumentalist and guitarist for the Dave Matthews Band saw this opportunity as a chance to make a difference for non-profit group PHAR (Charlottesville Public Housing Association of Residents). The association advocates for and with public housing residents, according to their website.

“PHAR is a fantastic Charlottesville charity mostly governed by public housing residents,” Bradford explained. The city is dealing with the effects of gentrification and what that means financially and culturally for underprivileged people.”

Reynolds told Charlottesville newspaper The Daily Progress that he was happy to respond to Bradford’s idea of issuing a benefit single to aid public housing residents in the city.

“Bradford is a super, super smart guy,” Reynolds told the publication. “I’m just hanging around in a bunker during Covid and he has this great idea. I’m really happy the single was something that could benefit housing in Charlottesville for the actual residents and kind of push back against gentrification.”

Bradford is also leader of the alt-rock band SeepeopleS and a member of Portland-based alt-punk rockers TheWorst, fronted by Brooke Binion.

Bradford says he started CommunityZ RecordZ during the pandemic with the idea that fundraising for non-profit causes will henceforth be part of everything he does.

“I started the label with Maine artist Sparxsea during the pandemic,” Bradford said. “The idea was to find a way to redefine how an artist interacts with the community where they live and perform.”

Bradford adds that the label’s formation was a move toward the idea that music is essential, something musicians didn’t feel during the pandemic when it was not possible for them to perform in front of a live audience.

“The motto of the label is ‘saving the world with one artist, one song and one community at a time,’” Bradford said.

The city of Charlottesville, Virginia, looms large in the Dave Matthews Band story. Reynolds was performing at Miller’s Bar in the city when he met Matthews, then a bartender, and encouraged him to start his own band. The Dave Matthews Band was born in Charlottesville two years later. Reynolds officially joined the band in 2008 after 15 years of guest appearances and acoustic duet tours with Matthews. Reynolds appears on eight studio albums and 14 live collections by the Dave Matthews Band.

Reynolds’ latest solo studio release is “Soul Pilgramage,” an album of largely electronic music recorded with Michael Sokolowski.

“Tim is a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring talent,” Bradford said of Reynolds. “His music is pretty sophisticated, and it goes over people’s heads at times. I think he’s a great example of how to make compelling instrumental music accessible.”

(“Guardian Angels” by Tim Reynolds (with Nikki Glaspie) is available for a $5.00 minimum donation exclusively for now from the CommunityZ RecordZ website. Bradford says 100% of the proceeds will go directly to PHAR to aid public housing residents in Charlottesville.)

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