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Big Time Rush was AWESOME

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Big Time Rush was AWESOME edge photo by Chris Joles

Friday night at Waterfront Concerts in Bangor, I saw Big Time Rush. For those of you who don't know, Big Time Rush is a boy band whose members also star in a Nickelodoeon TV show called, "Big Time Rush". It was my first concert! I went with my grandmother.

There were loads of people there! It was crowded, mostly with girls around my age (11) and their parents, and some younger boys. The first act was Cody Simpson, an Australian dude. He wasn't my favorite. It seemed that the teenage girls were there to see him. He opened with the James Bond theme, and the whole thing waswell, weird. Then after his show

BIG TIME RUSH! And screaming. Lots of screaming. Really high-pitched screaming.

They started with a video of their manager looking for the band members backstage. He was going into the dressing rooms, asking where they were. Then we saw them in a car, trying to get to the show. They were driving on a highway with palm trees and it was daylight. It was already dark at the show and we don't have palm trees in Maine. Then they went into a building for the show, and we were outside. So, it wasn't realistic, but it was something they'd do on their show. Finally, the video ended and the music started.

They made a dramatic entrance, rising up out of the stage. Fireworks shot off and they sang 'Elevate.' At this point the crowd was loud! It was very exciting show! There were colored lights, spotlights, fog machines, trampolines and my favorite, the confetti cannons! There were two cannons in the front and two behind us. We got a direct hit! I still have some confetti saved!

For one song, members of the band chose people from the audience to come on stage and sing, 'Worldwide.' To try to get picked, girls were screaming even louder than before! They pulled three girls and a mom from the front row. The four did not seem to know the song and only the mom even tried to kind of mouth the lyrics while moving to the beat.

Another thing they did with the crowd was divide the audience in half to see who could make the most noise. Different members of the band took different sides. I was on the Logan and James side, which was great, because Logan is my favorite! The other side was lead by Carlos and Kendall. I screamed for my side to win! I caught my grandmother screaming for both sides, she was so excited!

As the big finale was going on, I thought 'I wonder why they haven't sung 'Big Time Rush,' the theme song from the TV show.' The show seemed to end with each band member bouncing off the trampoline. Then after even more screaming and cheering, they came back for an encore, and finally sang 'Big Time Rush!'

All together it was fabulous show! I had a really fun, loud time and as my grandmother said, 'They seem like such nice boys!'

Rubie Kollman is a part-time Big Time Rush fan, and full-time 11-year-old.
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