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A raw night of rock and roll

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Chris Daughtry belts out a few guitar licks while performing 'Crawling Back to You' on Wednesday, July 10, 2013. (edge staff photo by Mike Fern) Chris Daughtry belts out a few guitar licks while performing 'Crawling Back to You' on Wednesday, July 10, 2013. (edge staff photo by Mike Fern)

Daughtry, 3 Doors Down blend styles to rock Bangor

BANGOR Co-headliners 3 Doors Down and Daughtry rolled into Bangor July 10 for a summer evening at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion. Earlier this summer Maine Music News interviewed 3DD's guitarist Chris Henderson. We asked him about being on tour and sharing billing with another band. He said simply that 3DD fans are Daughtry fans, a match made in heaven. And by all indications, Bangor fans were feeling the divine connection for this show.

Halestorm , which last appeared in Bangor during the 2011 Avalanche Tour, opened the show. Wide Open. Bangor was one of the last dates with Halestorm on the bill, and the band is impressive let's face it, this is interesting music.

With only two studio albums to date, this young band is going places with their drive, talent, and range. Their stage show is incredibly fun to watch, and the music is entertaining shifting from the ear-splitting end of hard rock to land flawlessly at the other softer and reflective end without missing a beat. Beyond that, front-woman Lzzy Hale looks like a bona fide black leather rock chick, not some packaged wannabe out of a publicist's lab. While so many other female rock personalities are easily dismissed, that is impossible to do with Hale. Raw without being trashy, it is great to see a young woman in hard rock with the courage to express and be herself, kick ass, and still claim respect as a singer, a songwriter and musician.

3 Doors Down was up next and put on one hell of a show. By all standards, there is nothing flashy about a 3DD show. It is guys in T-shirts, jeans, a color-changing 3 Doors Down logo and music that has been the backdrop of Americana since 2000. And really, that is plenty it is all 3DD needs. Anything more would be overkill.

Coming out with 'It's Not My Time,' frontman Brad Arnold and the rest of the band showed what a few years in the business means consistency, maturity, and all out an impressive performance.

Staying strong with hits 'Duck and Run' and 'Away from the Sun,' Arnold engaged the crowd, pulling them in and thanking them for being out at the show. Complimentary about all the other musicians in the lineup, he showed himself a consummate Southern gentleman, generous of spirit.

Digging back to the moody 'Loser,' you're reminded of the distinct style and tone in this band's music deep and a little edgy yet able to express emotions we all share. Carrying that same guitar and rhythmic grind to the inspiring 'One Light' and love song 'Here Without You,' this band is able to maintain a signature 3DD sound while still offering variety and complexity.

While certainly rehearsed, 3DD feels polished and professional without sounding worn out or staged. 3DD appeals to both the fans wanting a raw, hard edge as well as those who enjoy a bit lighter rock touch.

There were several highlights that must be mentioned. Arnold joined Greg Upchurch on drums for 'One Light.' And in covering Megadeth's 'Symphony of Destruction,' Chris Henderson, Chet Roberts on guitars, and Justin Biltonen on bass were able to open up before heading into the crashing 'Better Life.' Vocals on 'Kryptonite,' a huge 3DD hit and fan favorite, were shared with Chris Daughtry. You wouldn't guess that Arnold's and Daughtry's voices would blend with such precision, but indeed they did. And perhaps most touching, Arnold offered a story he had heard from a fan during the VIP session before the final song of the set. 

Sgt. Andrew Castonguay, serving in Afghanistan, couldn't be there for the show, but his wife was able to attend. 'When I'm Gone' was dedicated to him and all the military members serving away from their families.

The final set of the evening was Chris Daughtry and his namesake band. Starting with 'Outta My Head,' it was clear we were shifting gears to a different style of rock and roll. Daughtry is rowdier and faster while still maintaining a smoothness that had fans all over it. The stage show, a bit flashier with bright lights and more effects, increased the pace and energy as well. The setlist was full of their hits and included 'Feels Like Tonight,' 'Over You,' and 'September.'

Chris Daughtry's initial full-throttle vocal styling has matured and expanded to a wider range of possibilities. Now saving it up for when it counts, he is able to belt it out and touch the sky when it really matters to the song's integrity and fans' delight. The music is open and fluid, blending guitar riffs with layer upon layer of fast-paced rhythms. Staying with what seems to work lyrically, Daughtry has an extensive array of songs about relationships and fighting through the uncertainty of this life he tells us that if you can keep going, it works out. 

Daughtry's strength is staying true to his sound and where he wants to be musically. Sharing the stage with 3DD's Brad Arnold for a cover of the Phil Collins classic 'In the Air Tonight,' the duo gently slid this song from its iconic Collins styling and made it their own with a full yet soft rock sound, becoming less moody and gently matter of fact. Continuing down the setlist to the high powered vocals of 'It's Not Over' before the softer 'September,' he can glide wherever the music needs to go.

This makes the band's performance interesting and dynamic, a wait and see where we can go next sort of ride. The encore, again another massive shift from the easy melody of 'Home' to the hard rock driving sound of 'There and Back Again,' only proved the point we already accepted Daughtry is all rock and roll.

Ann Joles writes for Maine Music News. Visit them at for more.

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