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The end of the Twilight' saga

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'Breaking Dawn: Part Two' is the fifth and final movie in the 'Twilight' series. 'Twilight' fans were thrown through hoops and were on an emotional roller coaster while watching this film. Thinking that I knew what to expect from having read the novels, I was surprised by quite a few scenes, one in particular which even caused me to shed a couple tears. Anyone who has been a fan of 'Twilight' since the novels, or just fans of the movies, will not be disappointed by the way the saga finalizes. The ending is certainly an unexpected twist.

The movie follows suit with those before it, with a very slow first hour followed by an explosion of action and entertainment. The first half deals with Bella becoming a vampire and resisting her urges to eat people whilst getting used to the fact that her former lover, Jacob the werewolf, has imprinted on her newly-born daughter Renesmee. Then one of Edward's cousins sees Renesmee and reports to the Volturi that she's an immortal - when really she's half mortal and half vampire since she was conceived and birthed while Bella was still human.

A scene that had many Twi-hards cheering in the audience was the sex scene between Bella and Edward once she was finally a vampire. The two of them walk into their bedroom and Bella reiterates that vampires don't sleep - to which Edward responds, "It's not meant for sleeping."

All in all the movie meets up to the expectations, and this is coming from someone who is usually a closet 'Twilight'-movie-enjoyer. There are some cheesy scenes, but the action-packed endings and twists really pull the movie together and make it worth watching.

4 out of 5


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