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Be A Man' steps up, knocks it out of the park

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Ray Harrington's documentary has laughs and soul

What does it mean to be a man in today's society? That is the question Ray Harrington attempts to address in his documentary 'Be a Man.' With the help of his friend and fellow comedian Derek Furtado and crew, Harrington categorizes the key areas that are considered manly: fighting, drinking, cars and grooming or appearance.

Throughout the film, Harrington includes cutting insights from fellow comedians, including Kyle Kinane, Bobby Kelly, Steve Rannazzisi, Doug Stanhope and more. Making a career out of commenting on the human condition makes them experts in this field hilarious experts.

Harrington used Kickstarter to raise the post-production funds for the film to bring it from its final stages to a beautiful reality. When the trailer came out for the film, it was funny. The pacing, the stand-up material and the interviews showed lots of promise. But in today's world, lots of previews look slick and polished and fail to deliver. 'Be a Man' doesn't have that problem even a little bit. Harrington delivers on the laughs and the soul of the film, not afraid to go personal and show his journey.

And it's a journey you take with Harrington. Self-discovery, growing up, realizing what matters in one's own life the film goes there and laughs along the way. There's always a risk of getting too saccharine or ham-handed with these messages; these are roads that many film-makers have gone down and explored. But they're topics that are explored again and again for good reason.

Self-definition is one of the biggest questions humans grapple with every day, and Harrington shows this in ways that are funny and poignant. The film also does a wonderful job of showcasing just how funny Harrington is it dips into some of his stand-up, but never so much that the movie becomes about his stand-up career. It really is a journey of self-exploration and all the foibles that come with realizing truths about oneself.

Plus, he gets in the ring with five-time world champion Vinny Pazienza which in and of itself was comedy gold.

The film is polished, hilarious and touching, filled with personal touches that set it apart. That's sometimes more than you can say about anything coming out of Hollywood.

And it must be said, this Kickstarter has to have been one of the smoothest we've seen. I kicked in enough to earn a ticket and get a whiskey glass, and Harrington and his crew delivered in the best possible way.

Harrington is a comedian who is based in Providence, Rhode Island, but his roots run deep in Maine Bangor specifically. He is a graduate of the New England School of Communication, which is umbrellaed under Husson University. You can find out more about him and his projects at or

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