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Project X' deserves an F'

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Party movie not much fun

Sometimes, a movie comes along that looks just terrible. You see the trailers and read the advance coverage and you think to yourself 'Man, what a steaming pile that movie is going to be.' Of course, you're still kind of titillated by the idea of going to see this awful, awful movie. Sometimes it's fun to see something you know is going to be bad.

But sometimes you get a movie that's beyond bad, a movie that is exponentially worse than even the terrible trailers ever indicated.

Sometimes you get 'Project X.'

An ill-conceived mash-up of the 'teen sex comedy' and 'found footage' genres, the movie follows Thomas (Thomas Mann, 'It's Kind of a Funny Story') on his 18th birthday. Alongside him are his best buddies Costa (Oliver Cooper in his big screen debut) and JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown, TV's 'Pretend Time'); Costa has decided to take advantage of the fact that Thomas's parents are going out of town and throw Thomas an epic bash.

Despite the fact that the three of them are borderline social pariahs, for some reason people start coming to the party. And more and more people keep showing up. The party grows and grows, rapidly going from something manageable to wildly out of control. Before you know it, news helicopters are on the scene, the SWAT team has arrived and half the neighborhood is on fire.

That's it. There really isn't much else to tell.

Where to begin? At best, the characters are stereotypes and caricatures. At worst (namely Costa), they are reprehensible human beings that actively encourage your disdain. Seriously, Costa might be one of the most irredeemable characters ever to grace a teen comedy he's clearly trying to be Jonah Hill from 'Superbad,' but he winds up as a sleazy, amoral d-bag who is equal parts misogynist and homophobe.

The story is a chaotic mess; we never learn anything about anyone. The whole thing seems like an excuse to romanticize teenage binge drinking and flash the world a whole lot of naked breasts. None of the relationships we see mean anything and there are absolutely no real consequences for any of these actions. Basically, the message seems to be 'Do anything your little impulse-riddled heart desires; everything will be all right!'

Not to mention the fact that the filmmakers more or less abandon any semblance of staying true to the found footage conceit once the party starts. It's lazy and completely negates whatever impact they might have been trying to make.

There might be a laugh or two to be gleaned from this mess, but it's more work than it's worth. Hateful characters, a ridiculous story and mediocre direction that's what 'Project X' has to offer you.

1 out of 5


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