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Male model has nothing to smile about after being voted off of 'Survivor'

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Who says a model can't outwit, outplay, and outlast all the competitors on 'Survivor?'

The remaining players, that's who.

Twenty-five-year-old Jay Byars thought he had a solid alliance with Troyzan, Chelsea, Sabrina, Kat and Kim (all members of the newly-formed Manono tribe prior to the merge). But as it turns out, the ladies who started the game as the original Salani tribe kept their word to stick together, despite promises they made to Jay and Troyzan. Jay was worried about an all-girl alliance forming and expressed his concerns to Troyzan and the girls during this week's episode. However, the smooth talking of both Kat and Kim turned his paranoia into confidence that allowed him to opt out of the immunity challenge in exchange for wings and beer. However, when the contestants headed to tribal council, this male model from South Carolina soon discovered his game play was less than picture perfect. I recently got a chance to speak with Byars, who shared how much he enjoyed the game even though he was blindsided.

The Maine Edge: You seemed paranoid about an all girl alliance, then you spoke with Kat and Kim and seemed to believe they were going to vote off a girl. Why the change? Why did you go from being so paranoid to being so confident?

Byars: I think I was looking to pair up with and trust someone. I thought I might be paranoid, but this is the game plan and I need to stick with the plan.

TME: When Colton got voted off he said you two had an alliance from day one. Was that true?

Byars: That was true. Walking away from that truck, he was paranoid from day one and thought he'd be the first one voted off. I said 'I got your back.' And once I saw him working the girls, he made me look good in front of the girls [which would help when it came to the merge].

TME: Why did you step off [during the immunity challenge] for food? It looked like before the challenge you wanted to confirm that you and Troyzan wouldn't do that.

Byars: When I saw that Troy didn't win, I figured he would be the first to go. I was also thinking two or three days from then, and figured if I stepped down I wouldn't be a target, I'd be less of a threat. I thought I was safe, but I was played.

TME: Why didn't you go for Troyzan's plan to throw votes Kim's way, just in case?

Byars: Looking back I wish we would've talked earlier and I wish I'd known he had the idol earlier. I literally think it was too little too late.

TME: Did you know about the idol on the island?

Byars: Yes. I didn't look for it as much as I should have. Troy was the lucky one.

TME: Do you think Kim is running the show and has to be worried?

Byars: What I've seen so far she seems to be the mastermind. Obviously Troy has the right idea to get her out.

TME: Most memorable moment on the show?

Byars: The boat ride from the reward challenge where we got to go to this the private island and were sipping on coconut rub. It's not every day you get your own private island to eat your lunch.

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