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Mainer voted off Survivor: Caramoan

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Michael Snow used every ounce of his Maine ingenuity on Survivor: Caramoan but it just wasn't enough to win the million dollar prize. The 44-year-old, who now lives in New York, grew up in southern Maine and outlasted nine other contestants on the CBS reality show that tests players physical, social and mental stamina on a remote island over a 39 day period. Unfortunately during this season, Snow found himself pitted against experienced players - a tribe of past contestants known as the 'Favorites' who have shown they're all hungry for a second chance at victory. I recently spoke with Snow who was surprised to learn how difficult and deflating losing challenges week after week could be.


The Maine Edge: I heard you had a Maine connection, what is it?

Snow: I went to UMaine. I grew up in the Portland area. My whole family lives in North Yarmouth/Cumberland area right now. Some of them can even walk from house to house and I'm up in Maine all the time. Part of what I wanted to rely on in the game was my Maine instincts - playing hard, working hard and using logic.

TME: What was your strategy?

Snow: My strategy was I wanted to play a kind of middle of the road/on the fence kind of game. What I mean by that is I wanted to be smart and strong in everything but not a threat at anything. 

TME: Did you have any worries once Corinne was gone since she was your advocate?

Snow: I was so worried. I felt like enemy number one after that. I was really scrambling to find anyone to align with that's why I went to Eddie and Reynold. 

TME: I thought maybe because you had been with the 'Favorites' since the swap there would be some sort of loyalty towards you and they would gun for Sherri, Reynold or Eddie before you. Did you feel the same way?

Snow: That's what I was praying. That's what I tried to work on. I worked so hard to get to a place where they trusted and wanted to work with me and then when we went to the merge Andrea said, 'You're okay. We're gunning for Reynold and Eddie." So I felt like I was okay. I just needed to get to a place where I could get leverage and could start calling the shots.

TME: In your experience, what was the hardest part - the physical game, the social game, the elements?

Snow: Losing. The physical part, the social game I was prepared for. The not eating and not sleeping is like nothing you can imagine but I was prepared for it and knew there was an end. But I never knew when I was going to get on the winning side of things and not have to go to tribal council. That was really tough to deal with because I was so shocked at how I just couldn't get my footing in the game.

Survivor: Caramoan airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.


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