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KahBang Film Festival presents diverse offerings

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Lineup blends competition, irreverence

BANGOR - Hope you're looking for some good movies, because the KahBang Film Festival is coming.

Beginning with the powerful documentary "Bob and the Monster" on August 5, KahBang will be bringing you a whole lot of films - over 20 in all. Films will be screening throughout the week of the festival, running from the 5th right up through the 13th.

Some of the films are competing. You've got the short films (because no film festival is complete without some competitive shorts. You've got a music documentary category - a no-brainer for a music-laden festival such as KahBang. There's a fairly self-explanatory category called LMFAO (yes, they're comedies) as well as a category called Gen-Next aimed at recognizing up-and-coming filmmakers.

It's a wonderful selection of interesting movies, to be sure. However, perhaps that list isn't quite enough to entice you. Maybe you're looking for something a little more accessible, a little more familiar. Well, KahBang's got plenty for you with it's out of competition screenings.

How about "So Bad It's Good" for a category? There's nothing like a movie that is awful in that particular way that approaches awesome from the other side. The Sylvester Stallone arm-wrestling classic "Over The Top" is screening. You've got a bemulleted Patrick Swayze throat-kicking drunken hillbillies in "Road House." And then there's the sci-fi schlock of the shockingly entertaining "Starship Troopers." Seriously - "Road House" on the big screen? You can't go wrong.

(Note: even if you know all about these movies already, the synopses posted on the KahBang website ( are worth a minute of your time. Not liking "Road House" makes me un-American? I always suspected...)

And then there's "Murray vs. Murray," a celebration/cage match involving the work of one Mr. Bill Murray and featuring three films. "Groundhog Day," "Quick Change" and "Rushmore" - three wonderfully varied selections from Murray's long career offering plenty of laughs. There's nothing I can tell you about these films that you don't already know.

The KahBang gang has done a great job putting together a quality lineup for this year's film festival. There are films that will suit the taste of just about any moviegoer out there. It's a selection that manages elements of relevance and irreverence adroitly, striking a balance between films that could be considered "important" and movies that are just plain fun.

Enjoy. I'll see you at the movies.

To purchase festival passes, see the full schedule of films or to get more information, visit the KahBang website at Film passes are available for $15; prices for individual screenings vary. See the site for details.

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