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Hollywood’s annual skewering delayed as Razzies canceled

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The 40th edition of the Golden Raspberry Awards (or “Razzies”) was halted last Saturday night in Los Angeles due to city wide COVID-19 restrictions. The annual event, designed to jeer Hollywood’s biggest misfires, was due to take place at the Barnsdall Theatre but has either been postponed or cancelled, according to a statement issued by event co-founder John Wilson.

During an interview with The Maine Edge conducted a few days before the postponement/cancellation of this year’s ceremony, Wilson was in rare form as he discussed some of the nominees in line for a good-natured skewering this year, including “Cats,” “A Madea Family Funeral,” and “Rambo: Last Blood,” all tied for the most nominations with eight each.

“From a purely financial perspective, you can understand why they would want to make a movie version of ‘Cats,’” Wilson said. “It’s inexplicably one of the longest running musicals in theatre history. What you can’t understand is why they would want to make this movie out of it.”

Wilson said the movie might have worked had it been an animated film but that producers failed on several fronts, from the strangely designed computer-generated fur, to the fact that the cat portrayed by Judy Dench is seen wearing a wedding ring in several scenes.

“It’s a complete misfire,” Wilson said, adding “I admit it’s kind of a fun, bad movie, but boy is it a bad movie.”

Actress Rebel Wilson was nominated for worst actress for her role in “The Hustle” and worst supporting actress for her role in “Cats,” according to Wilson.

“Mostly for the scene where she teaches a bunch of mice and cockroaches to dance before biting their heads off,” he said.

Of Tyler Perry’s 11th outing as Madea and numerous other characters in “A Madea Family Funeral,” Wilson said it was an especially bad movie but that we should take heart that it was allegedly the last of the series. Perry was also nominated for worst actor, worst actress, worst supporting actor (for two roles) and worst screen combo.

Wilson said the Razzies came up with a special category this year for Sylvester Stallone’s “Rambo: Last Blood,” another film that is supposed to be the last of a series.

“We now have a Razzie for ‘reckless disregard for human life and public property’,” Wilson said of the Stallone flick. “It’s an egregiously violent movie. The booby traps he constructed reminded more than a few viewers of the traps set by Macaulay Culkin’s character in “Home Alone.”

Wilson conceived of The Razzies in 1980, after he paid 99 cents to see a double feature of “Can’t Stop the Music” starring The Village People and “Xanadu” starring Olivia Newton-John.

“I wanted my money back,” Wilson remembers. “They said no, and I remember driving home with the windows rolled down – it was August and it was hot – and coming up with a list of possible categories. I could name 12 deserving bad movies off the top of my head in 1980.”

The first edition of “The Golden Raspberry” awards took place in 1981 as a group of movie lovers gathered for a potluck dinner party to watch the Academy Awards.

“It was very silly and juvenile, but everybody loved it,” Wilson said. “I guess the Razzies have lasted because it was such a simple idea, but also for the fact that most people agree with whatever we pick from one year to another. I think we have a pretty good history of picking on the right stuff.”

Each Razzie award statuette is a gold spray-painted golf-ball sized raspberry sitting atop a damaged Super 8 mm film, valued at $4.97. The Golden Raspberry Foundation says the award “encourages well-known filmmakers and top-notch performers to own their bad.”

Actors and filmmakers who have shown up in previous years to accept their Razzie in person include Sandra Bullock, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Halle Berry.

The Razzies partnered with comedy production company Comedy Dynamics to produce this year’s edition of the ceremony. At the time of writing, a video announcing this year’s Razzie recipients was being prepared for viewing at

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