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Senior Exhibition

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University students to showcase diverse art at Lord Hall

ORONO Fifteen art students will be showcasing their work at an upcoming gallery opening at Lord Hall at the University of Maine in Orono. This is part of their Capstone project as seniors. The Think Make Senior Art Exhibition's opening reception will be Dec. 7 at 5:30 p.m. at Lord Hall on campus. The exhibition will continue until Jan. 25, 2013.

But this is more than just a showcase of the work that the students have done throughout their final semester. They have had to coordinate the entire event, from getting the space, attracting publicity and arranging the gallery itself.

'It's a collective of painters, drawers, sculptors, printers, photographers - and we're bringing it together for a group exhibition,' said Glenn Swanson, an art student whose focus is sculpture. 'We're finishing our working, producing new works, publicizing it, framing, doing the lighting and documentation. We're going over a lot of the different bases you have to cover. We didn't realize all of the background in setting up a gallery and preparing for an exhibition.'

The students have put forth a coordinated effort to publicize the event through designing and printing postcards and contacting media outlets.

'These are some of the finest work of emerging artists there is a lot of talent, but for most of us, this is our first professional-caliber show. We want this to come across as professional as possible,' she said.

The public can expect a wide range of artwork, from two-dimensional drawings and paintings to three-dimensional sculptures as well as interactive media.

'It's really impressive to see the kinds of things that people our age are capable of,' said Swanson.

For more information on the Think Make Senior Art Exhibition, find them on Facebook.


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