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Pulse radio introduces new dynamic duo

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BANGOR - There's nothing scary about Stephen King's latest work, but he is hoping his newest project will get people talking. The well-known horror writer and Zone Radio Corporation owner has hired former U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Pat LaMarche, and former newsman Don Cookson, to host The Pulse Morning Show on WZON 103.1 FM and WZON 620 AM weekdays, starting Sept. 12.

"I've missed in-depth coverage of Maine events and politics in the Bangor market. We're going to be provocative, informative and amusing, and we think everyone will enjoy the show except for certain politicians," explained King with a chuckle.

His new team plans not only to discuss local and national politics but also homelessness, welfare, healthcare, the job market and the rising costs of education; nothing is off limits.

"I spent the summer staying in and working with homeless shelters in the southern states. It's awful to be homeless in Alabama. You add homelessness in Alabama to twenty below temperatures and you're in Maine," said LaMarche, who just moved back to Maine from Pennsylvania.

"When you look at the housing problem in Pennsylvania, there were about 25 remedies that I could've looked at for a homeless person, but those laws don't exist in Maine. That's one of the bones I'm getting ready to pick with the Maine administration. There are no options," said LaMarche.

The new Pulse duo isn't just going to be talking about the issues; they also plan to get involved in the community, lending a hand where they can. Their first endeavor is to collect gas and grocery cards for the Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit agency that provides programs and services to severely wounded soldiers.

"Community projects are going to be huge. The Wounded Warrior Project will be the first in a long line of other projects we hope to do," said Cookson.

When LaMarche and Cookson were asked if they were intimated to be working for one of Maine's most famous celebrities, they both agreed they were honored more than anything else.

"To meet someone who scared the dickens out of you most of your life is intimidating but in conversations with Mr. King, I've learned he is focused on community and that's what we're about," said Cookson.

"I have a bunch of heroes and ever since I saw an advertisement of Mr. King many years ago at a library promoting reading he's been one of them. So now I get to work for one of my heroes," explained LaMarche.

The New Pulse Morning Show can be heard from 6-10 a.m. on 103.1 FM or 620 AM Monday through Friday or online at

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