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Maine actors needed for 'Blue Potato' film

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Creators of 'The Way We Get By' looking to depict life in Aroostook County

BANGOR - The husband and wife duo responsible for the award-winning Bangor troop greeters documentary 'The Way We Get By' are once again letting their creative juices flow. Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly are putting together their first scripted film about life in Aroostook County. It's called 'Blue Potato.'

"It's a coming of age drama that takes place during the fall potato harvest in Northern Maine, and it centers around two teenage boys entering their senior year in high school," explained Gaudet.

It's an idea the couple came up with after all the support and positive reactions they received from Maine businesses and residents following the release of their documentary.

"We were talking about what we should do next and that we should find another story in Maine. My brother posted some photos of the potato harvest on Facebook and I told Gita, 'Look at these, they're so beautiful,'" said Gaudet. "So we drove up there and thought it would be a great setting, but we didn't want to do another documentary. We wanted it to be scripted."

For a year and half, Gaudet and Pullapilly worked on the film's script using information they received from residents and students they'd talked to while visiting the area.

"This will be the first national feature film shot in Aroostook County. This will still be a small budget film. It's a tiny, tiny film," said Pullapilly.

"But we're bringing in actors and crew from New York and L.A. so we're going big, even though we don't have a huge budget," added Gaudet.

The remaining 'actors' and 'extras' needed for the movie will be filled by Mainers through various casting calls. Bangor Savings Bank, which partnered with Gaudet & Pullapilly for 'The Way We Get By,' is once again teaming up with the couple to host the first community casting call in Bangor later this month.

"We have a speaking role for a 20-30 year old who is seven to eight months pregnant," said Pullapilly.

"There are some roles for young kids ages 5-10 and speaking roles for senior citizens in the 70 to 80 year old range. There's a scene that takes place with a sermon, so we want to fill a church. We run the gamut," said Gaudet.

Filming is expected to take place in Van Buren from August to mid-September.

"We're looking for anyone who can lend us a hand to help us pull this off," said Pullapilly.

That includes volunteer drivers, crew members and chefs. Pullapilly and Gaudet are also hoping there are individuals out there willing to donate props.

"We're so excited to make this film, and hope we make the people in Maine proud," said Pullapilly.

The first casting call is scheduled for June 23 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at Husson University's Gracie Theatre. Casting calls will also take place in Portland and Aroostook County. For more information on the dates and times of those casting calls, log onto to the film's Facebook page,


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