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Keeping the drinks green

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BANGOR - Bangor Greendrinks meets every second Tuesday of the month to mingle and have a couple beers with others who consider themselves environmentally conscious. Every month the venue is different, but the ideas stay the same: have fun, support local business, and be green. The next event falls on Oct. 13, goes from 5 to 8 p.m. and will be hosted by Epic Sports in downtown Bangor. There is a suggested $5 donation and, in line with the green theme, you are asked to bring your own vessel to drink from. However, they sell recyclable containers if you forgot yours at home.

Greendrinks itself is part of an international movement that began in a pub in North London in 1989. Now there are meetings in 525 cities in 51 countries.

Bangor Greendrinks just turned five over this past summer, meaning they have put on around 60 events so far.

According to Ethan Tremblay, a member of the Bangor Greendrinks board, 'Greendrinks is a laid back, community-oriented, after-hours session for anybody who is interested broadly in green issues to get together, to network, to meet each other, to have good local beer and a little bit of food, and we just talk and get to know each other without any particular agenda. What we have done in Bangor is take that basic organizing principal and said, 'OK, what can we do to make this really impactful to the community?''

Money raised is put into Green Grants, which offers micro grants of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to different organizations in the community. If you have been around the Bangor Waterfront recently, you may have noticed more bike racks and a new water fountain. You can thank Green Grants for these. They have also bought equipment for the local community garden.

Whether you want to approach the event as a way to have in depth discussions about green issues or you just want to relax and support the community, you will feel fulfilled. With no particular agenda, Greendrinks is an event that shows rather than tells how to be green. Sometimes it is as simple as bringing your own mug. The event is family friendly and welcomes anyone; however, anyone who wants to drink must present an ID.

You can find information about upcoming events on their website,, or find them on Facebook and Twitter.


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