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Steven Wright performance was brilliant

ORONO Legendary comedian, erstwhile philosopher and absurdist storyteller Steven Wright delivered an incredible performance at the Collins Center for the arts, proving that in terms of timing, tales and the bizarre he is still a comedic force to be reckoned with.

The Nov. 6 show started shortly after 8 p.m. with little fanfare. Wright has no openers nothing to 'warm up' the crowd. Mostly because he doesn't need it. The abruptness of his humor is as much a part of his act as his deadpan delivery. Often times a laugh will be a half a second behind, as the audience's collective brain wraps itself around the play on words Wright created for the occasion. You could almost hear the audience strain their ears to catch all of the next joke.

His humor has remained constant through the years, and fans probably heard more than one familiar joke in the 90-minute performance. But the non sequiturs, word-plays, puns and strange outlook on life came in rapid-fire succession.

Following Wright's train of thought for the performance is a fun ride, and you are rewarded for following along. His skewed view of the world is something many have experienced in life, but he captures it in words with impe,ccable timing and precise detail. He takes the familiar and makes it just a little bizarre and he is so good at it.

Wright was completely in his element, and the audience was given a spectacular treat of being able to see a master at work at his craft. It was a memorable night that satisfied longtime fans, and more than likely helped him garner more than a few new followers.

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