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Howie Carr to bring An Evening of Crime' to Bangor Aug. 16

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Howie Carr Howie Carr

Boston-based radio talk-show host and Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr has spent a considerable part of his career exposing the thugs and mobsters of Boston's organized crime scene.   

Regular listeners to 'The Howie Carr Show' (3 to 7 p.m. weekdays on WVOM 103.9 in Bangor and WVQM 101.3 in Augusta) know that crime kingpin Whitey Bulger was at the top of Carr's list - and, as Carr will explain, he was on Whitey's list. Now that Bulger has been captured and tried (Carr attended the trial), Carr has announced an all-new 'Evening of Crime' billed as a night of 'spellbinding tales of organized crime in Boston,' coming to Bangor on Friday, Aug. 16 at Spectacular Event Center, 395 Griffin Road. 

Tickets for 'An Evening of Crime with Howie Carr' are $25 each and are available from Carr's website Joining Carr in Bangor will be his radio show producer, Sandy, along with Anthony Amore, lead investigator of the 1990 $500 million Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist.  

Prior to 'An Evening of Crime,' Carr's radio show, which airs on 15 stations, will originate from the Bangor studios of Blueberry Broadcasting at Target Industrial Circle, where Carr will be safely planted behind - as WVOM's Ric Tyler refers to it - 'the bullet-proof glass in spacious studio 7-A.'   

Part one of my interview with Howie Carr follows and was conducted on Saturday, Aug. 3, as Carr was en route to a book signing event for his latest book, 'Rifleman.' Part two will be featured in next week's issue of The Maine Edge.

Dow: What can 'An Evening of Crime' audience members expect in Bangor on Aug. 16?  

Carr: What I do is talk about some of the major stories around organized crime. Some WVOM listeners may have come down to Scarborough, where we sold out The Landing when we did one of the first 'Evening of Crime' shows. This show in Bangor will basically be a whole new show because we have so much new information and so many new photographs that are now part of the public record. I'll have a PowerPoint presentation, as will Anthony. It will mainly be about Whitey and, to a lesser degree, about Stevie (Flemmi), the two guys who ran the gang and committed all of the murders.

Anthony Amore will be joining me, and he has a lot of interesting stories to tell about the brazen museum robbery and other stolen Rembrandts in Massachusetts and around the world.  

Dow: How in-depth will your discussion get regarding Whitey and the Boston mob scene?  

Carr: I'll talk about some of the heinous crimes these guys committed. Everything from taking credit for other murders to shaking people down and the horrible things they did with the bodies. They became a crew, and each member of the crew had his job. Whitey would kill the victim and then go upstairs and take a nap. Then, Kevin Weeks 'Two Weeks,' we call him would dig the hole. (Note:  Weeks was finally arrested in 1999 and wasted no time spilling all to the feds. He alleged to '60 Minutes' that he was once under order to kill Carr.) One of Stevie's guys would then come along and pour lime on the victim, but before they would put the victim in the shallow grave, Stevie would come along and pull out the teeth. Since Whitey's girlfriend was a dental hygienist, she and Whitey ordered a state-of-the-art set of teeth extractors for Stevie because he was tired of using the pliers. That's how well-organized they were, because they were committing so many murders. 

Dow: Does your interest in crime, especially the Boston mob scene, stem from your pre-columnist and radio days spent chasing leads and tracking down stories as a newspaper man?  

Carr: I used to work at the State House where Billy Bulger, Whitey's brother, was the president of the Senate. He got kind of a pass from a lot of people and I wondered why. Then I found out that he had gotten a pass because his brother had threatened to kill people in the not so distant past. Whitey Bulger was a gangster. He was a serial murderer. He was a cocaine dealer. He was a bank robber. He was an extortionist. People were obviously scared of him and I understand that. I wrote about him anyway, and pretty soon I started getting these death threats. They were delivered to my coworkers in south Boston at a TV station I worked at. They were also delivered to people I knew as friends. They told me 'They want to kill you. They know where you live.' They knew where I lived because the brother of one of the members of the gang lived right behind me. They had plans to kill me, and when a serial killer says he has plans to kill you, you have to pay a lot of attention to that - and I did. That's what my interest is all about. I feel I owe these guys something especially Whitey. Whitey hated me because I wrote about his brother and called him 'the corrupt midget,' which was a name that was hung on him by a judge.   

Apparently, Whitey has been telling the guards (where he's currently being held) that he wanted to kill me but was talked out of it by his brother.  

In part two, Carr shares his thoughts on the Whitey Bulger trial, details on his radio future and more about 'An Evening of Crime' next week in The Maine Edge.  

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