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Bangor's first Ultimate Ninja Game

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Brush up your skills and be the last man/woman standing

BANGOR Do you have mad ninja skills? The grace and speed of tiger? No? It really doesn't matter - you can still play and have a ton of fun at Bangor's first Ultimate Ninja Game taking place at Broadway Park on July 21 at 1 p.m.

When it comes down to it, the Ninja Game consists of people facing off in pairs, standing back to back, and when someone yells 'NINJA!' jumping to face each other and strike their best ninja pose. The person who is decided to have the best pose gets to go first. You can only move on your turn or to dodge and attack. The attacks are geared towards slapping your opponent's hands (no wrists or elbows) in one fluid motion. They are allowed to dodge, but they can't move their feet.

'This is not a violent game, this is a fun game,' said Jess Silliboy, who is organizing the event. She recently posted a video to her event page on Facebook that has a breakdown of how to play. 

Silliboy said she found about the Ninja Game on YouTube, and watched one of the largest games of Ninja that occurred in California a couple years ago.

'It was a big craze that swept the nation,' she said. But mostly, she just enjoys playing the game. She and her partner Debra Downing play frequently, 'and we just laugh the whole time, nonstop.'

Though she hopes she can get a good turnout, if it's just her and her friends she'll still have fun.

'It's a silly game. You don't need athletic ability. Most of the time you're not moving you're frozen. If you can stand and move your arms, you can do it,' said Silliboy.

They plan on selling Freezepops at the event, with proceeds to benefit the Bridge Alliance.

For more information or to officially RSVP for the event, check it out on Facebook:


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