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A happening Half Acre

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New nightspot opens on Harlow Street

BANGOR There's a new club in town.

The latest addition to the ever-expanding Bangor nightlife scene arrives on August 24. The Half Acre is a new nightclub located at 190 Harlow St.

Matt Brann and Mike Bjork are at the helm of this exciting new business. Brann is the former owner/proprietor of Club Gemini, a nightspot that occupied the same space a few years ago.

'We hadn't had any tenants for a while, so we wanted to renovate the space as a turnkey business,' said Brann. 'But when Mike and I got to working together, we eventually decided to dig up some resources and open the place up ourselves.'

'We used to joke about going into business together,' Bjork added. 'Nightlife and DJing are passions of mine. It makes sense to bring that back to Bangor. We're both in the right place in our lives. And Bangor is in the right place.'

Unlike many other venues in town, Half Acre is going to be a dance club first and foremost.

'[This is] for people who are out and want to go dancing and have fun,' said Bjork. 'The place isn't set up for live bands; we just want to give people the opportunity to go out and dance.'

Of course, a project this big doesn't come together overnight.

'Every new business says they'll be different,' Brann said. 'We wanted to make sure that everything was done with professionalism. We tried to find the missing pieces; we took the time to put the whole thing together.'

One of the goals shared by Brann and Bjork is a desire to offer their clientele a sense of constancy, even going so far as to lock in two house DJs (including Bjork) for their regular rotation.

'We're looking to build an image and work to maintain it,' said Bjork.

'We want consistency,' Brann said. 'We're not going to be bringing in a lot of guest DJs or dealing with a lot of theme nights; we want to give the customers what they want every single time. We don't ever want them to feel like they're taking a shot in the dark by coming here.

'This is not a run-of-the-mill club. People are going to find something a bit more upscale; it's going to be a very organized, very professional club.'

Of course, like many business owners in downtown Bangor, Brann and Bjork want to contribute and do their part to be involved with the ongoing renaissance in the area.

'We're both very excited,' said Brann. 'We're trying to grow along with downtown. We're looking forward to some friendly competition with our neighbors; we think our businesses will complement each other nicely.'

So if you love the nightlife and you got to boogie, take a trip down Harlow Street and visit the Half Acre. Shake your bootie and such.


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