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12 Days of Hops

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Nocturnem Draft Haus celebrates anniversary in best possible way

BANGOR We are currently in the midst of a momentous occasion. In order to celebrate the upcoming anniversary of the existence of Nocturnem Draft Haus, owner Gene Beck is offering the 12 Days of Hops. The event actually began on April 5 and continues for, obviously, 12 days, culminating with the one year anniversary party on April 19 with the premier of Nocturnem's own signature brew Hops Junky, crafted by Black Bear Brewing.

Beck explained that the Darft Haus's anniversary actually falls on April 16, but since that was a Monday they decided to push the actual celebration out to Thursday.

'We decided to do an event with all hoppy beers and then it turns into two weeks of hoppy beers for our anniversary,' he said.

Beck said that this is a perfect time to try beers that may be outside your normal comfort zone. The hoppy beverages that will be on tap (at least six each day) will be varied in intensity.

'Like any beer, one style cannot be judged by one beer alone. You should always try to branch out, and you may find a hidden gem in the bunch,' said Beck. 'Some are really grapefruity. You may find you like an English IPA, which tend to be less aggressive. These can expand one's horizons.'

Of course, for those of us who already love hops, there will be lots and lots of hops to be had.

'Those of us that do love hops, it's all about hops all the time,' he said. 'The bigger, the better the better the stronger. Which led us to brewing our own IPA. It seemed like natural transitions.'

There will be many beers to be tried. Beck said they did their best to find many specialty beers for the occasion.

'We tried to get every IPA we could get our hands on, and some are harder to get than others,' he said. 'Some are limited availability. It should be a good lineup and keep people happy.

'If it doesn't, there's something wrong, and they can go back to drinking Bud Lite,' he joked. 'This is just going to be one of those fun events that we're patterning ourselves into. It's just another fun thing to check out and chill out.'

For more information, find Nocturnem on Facebook or visit

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