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Hantz wreaks havoc before exiting the game of Survivor: Caramoan

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Giving up immunity or purposefully loosing an immunity challenge on Survivor is almost unheard of, but every now and then the contestants will do so in order to get rid of one of their own tribe mates for the sake of peace around camp. That's exactly what happened this week during Survivor: Caramoan. The Bikal tribe, made up of past players, couldn't take one more day of Brandon and Phillip fighting and decided they'd lose the challenge on purpose in order to go to tribal council where they'd send Brandon Hantz home. But the 21-year-old Hantz showed them he wouldn't leave quietly and ended up dumping out the remainder of the tribe's food supply. I recently talked to the Texas native to ask if he wished he'd handle things differently.

The Maine Edge: Any regrets? I mean why would you come back for a 'Fans vs. Favorites' show if you were going to give them a reason to vote you off?

Hantz: No. Everything happens for a reason. Everything I did, it was true feelings, true emotions. I could've done things better. I didn't throw the game. I made a point. A lot of people equivilate what I did as quitting, but if everyone paid attention and watched I didn't have a choice, the challenge would've been thrown either way. I did have a choice where I could've went out like a gentleman but when you take away my chance to win a million dollars ain't no rice or beans going to be left on the island. I tried to be a gentleman with Coach [during Survivor: South Pacific] but it didn't work for me. I fell on my sword. I realized I was too nice the first time, too aggressive the second time. The third time will be a happy medium and you might see me win a million dollars.

TME: Did you ever consider asking [host] Jeff Probst to switch you to the fans tribe in order to continue the game?

Hantz: No, that's a good idea though. I wish I could've just done the challenge myself. But when you're in the heat of the moment, you don't think of things like that.

TME: Anyone you're rooting for?

Hantz: Dawn. Dawn's my girl. Dawn, Eric and Brenda but more so Dawn because she's my Momma.

Survivor: Caramoan airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.

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